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Default WTB complete AC system for an NB

As the title says, I am looking for a complete AC setup for my '99.

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How "complete" is complete?

I have been considering removing the A/C from my 2000, but I was only planning on removing the stuff from the firewall forward. Do you also need the parts under the dash?

Edit: "Location: Istanbul, Turkey" holy crap, shipping is not going to be cheap...
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Based on the last package that I shipped to Godless Commie, 24x12x12 and 27 lbs was $150-ish USPS Priority Mail IIRC. It should be about $300-350 to ship assuming condenser, lines, compressor, whole airbox under dash, misc bits doubling the box size and weight.
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For the record, I did post a message here yesterday, and now it's gone.

Oh well.

How "complete" is complete?
The evaporator is the big one. With the case and all. Non AC cars just have a bellowed straight(ish) tube between the blower and the main heater unit. Evaporator resides there.
Ideally, I would like to have the lines and the condenser, as well. Oh, and the drier with its bracket. The compressor is something I can source here. But, having the compressor mount would be a big plus.

I can certainly make the rest work. By the rest, I mean the switch itself, the relay - which I think is already in the car, but sitting idle - and whatever else I might need for a complete install.

Help me out guys!

As for shipping, I know I am all the way in Istanbul, so I'll have to deal with it somehow. I do know USPS is a better deal than all the private carriers like UPS and FedEx. And, I really do not think it will cost $350 to ship them. I paid that much for shipping the entire supercharger setup with a TDR intercooler and all the necessary plumbing for the thing. Came in in 3 large boxes, and they were heavy with all the packaging.
I'm guessing the condenser and the lines could be packaged in one box, and the evaporator, along with smaller items could be boxed separately. That would bring the box size down, and total shipping would come to about $200 to 225 at most.
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I have the following AC parts:

- Two condensers
- Two dryers
- One complete set of lines
- One AC compressor bracket

Shoot me an offer if you need/want any of it.
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