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Default WTB front end body parts

I don't expect anyone to believe me. Today I was running errands and I stopped by my house to run in and grab something that I had forgotten. I left my car in reverse instead of first for whatever reason and didn't pull my e-brake because it doesn't work anyway. My car slipped out of gear (reverse doesn't like to engage all the way sometimes), rolled down my steep driveway, and crashed THROUGH my garage door. On top of it all, it destroyed my ping-pong table that was set up in the garage.

Oh, and I just quit my job to go back to school, my last day at work being yesterday...

It drives fine but the whole front end is practically destroyed by dents and scratches so ill need to replace some body parts and get a full-body respray. I'm local to CT and I'd prefer to just pick up parts. I'm open to shipping stuff if the price is right. Here are the NA body parts that I now need:

-Front bumper cover
-Front RH & LH fenders

Yeah, yeah, I know this is on me. I had the car in reverse (i usually put it in first, i dunno why i did reverse this time) and my reverse is finicky and sometimes doesn't go in all the way. If you really want pics I'll get them, but it'll be painful for me to show this to anyone.
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i have a bumper and hood if your interested i get a good discount shipping to
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I'm trying to edit my post now- I'm just looking for a set of fenders at this point.
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I got a drift style bumper a little bet up looking and it's got zip toes on it for looks. Needs some sanding and paint but I'm just trying to get like $80 for it. Let me know if you're interested
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You're right. We don't believe you. It's obvious that your boyfriend was sleeping with another Miata owner (the guy whose reverse actually works). You then drove through their bedroom in furious passion. Just own it already!
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