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Default 1992 Mazda Miata - $$6,000

Category: Import
Status: Clean Title

I have a 1992 Mazda Miata for sale, in USA - Florida.

Mileage: 69000 miles

Asking price is $$6,000

I am strongly considering selling my current car before I head back out to CA in January, rather than deal with the smog *****. Anybody who has been around the forum long enough will be familiar with it. Anyone who hasn't probably isn't prepared to deal with the level of awesomeness.

Let's be honest- your kid wants a car for Christmas. A cool one. If you don't buy this car, then you're a bad parent.
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BAD luck with the sale Joe, don't do it!!!
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Easy solution - stay in FL, screw Cali.
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wait your still in FL as of now?? on another note GLWS that car is proly perfect!!! tune wise
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posted 15 minutes after the "so drunk" post?

is this a cause for drunkeness or a result of it?
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Heh. I'd been mulling the idea around for a while, guess I finally had to get my drink on to muster up the ***** to post it.

Yeah, I'm still in FL for the next few weeks. My sentence is up come January, and I'll be heading out to SoCal. And koto, not moving is not an option. Ever since I left last August, I've been regretting the hell out of it. As it turns out, my former employer (who I'd still been doing contract work for) has been getting increasingly desperate, and finally offered me a combination of money and terms that I'd have to be an idiot to turn down.

P51, the state of tune on the car is pretty good. The ignition map could probably stand some optimization if I'd ever get off my *** and book some dyno time, but she runs nice and strong, and idles like a civilized car. It's not like it isn't making enough torque as it is.

The problem is that I sold / gave away all the stock bits I need to pass the CA inspection. If the car doesn't sell, I guess I'll just haul it out there and keep the FL registration. But I'd kinda like to start fresh on and do an NB, so if I can find a buyer out here, so be it.
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Might be a good idea to list what's in it for those that haven't followed your car. Your sig will be confusing to them.
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Swap for a basically stock '92 plus cash?
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Originally Posted by mgeoffriau View Post
Swap for a basically stock '92 plus cash?
Sure. I'll take a stock '92 plus $6,000. And then I'll throw in a free stock '92 as a bonus with the purchase of my car.

OG, I'm torn there. Part of me doesn't want to deal with someone who doesn't know the first thing about MS, WI, etc.

However, the skinny:

  • Bilstein shock absorbers, custom valved by FatCat Motorsports.
  • Springs are Flyin' Miata, 318 lbs/in front, 233 rear. With these shocks, you could probably go 50% stiffer and still have a decent ride, but I like the setup I've got now. It's comfy, and yet it handles pretty damn well.
  • NB-style upper shock mounts and MCU bumpstops, also from FCM.
  • Bridgestone RE-01R (with the "R" signifying Revolutionary) on 15x7 Enkei wheels. Tires have about 60% tread remaining.
  • Moss/JR front solid swaybar with JR endlinks. No rear bar.

  • The engine itself is bone-stock, apart from the fact that I used ARP head studs when I replaced the head gasket a couple years ago.
  • Rear-thermostat coolant reroute, big CSF aluminum radiator.
  • Turbo is a Mitsubishi TD04H-15G, on a Greddy manifold. Relief cuts made, hasn't cracked in >4 years of hard use, probably isn't going to start soon.
  • Downpipe is a 2.5" TurboTony unit, feeding a 2.5" high-flow cat, and a 2.5" straight-through Enthuza stainless steel exhaust. IOW, it's 2.5" from turbine to tailpipe, and apart from the cat it passes the golf ball test.
  • TurboXS MBC.
  • Intercooler. Yeah, it's got one.
  • Water Injection: Devil's Own progressive system, with 5 liter aux tank in the trunk feeding the washer bottle underhood, automatic transfer pump, level switches, pressure safety switch, in-dash indicator, yadda yadda.
  • MegaSquirt ECU, built by me, driving 465cc injectors and Toyota Coil-On-Plug ignition. Stock CAS has been removed and replaced with a custom built 36-1 VR crank trigger system. Innovate LC-1 wideband w. XD-16 display gauge, and I'll throw in the tablet PC I use to tune it all.
  • 5 speed transmission. Nothing special here.
  • ACT "HD" clutch. Engages like stock, holds the power.
  • Rearend is the later "1.8" style, with 4.10 gearing and a Torsen T1 LSD.

  • The car is red.
  • Body is completely, 100% rust-free, but the original paint is now legally old enough to buy beer in pretty much every country except the US and Paraguay. Meaning that the bumpers have started to fade, it's got a few parking-lot dings, and there's a small tree-shaped indentation on the rear bumper from when I flew off of the road backwards during one of the SDMC club runs.
  • The top is a Robbins glass-window version that I had installed about five years ago. It has no rips or tears, however the adhesive around the rear window has started to peel a bit at the bottom. It does not leak as this affects only the outer layer, but it'll probably need replacing sooner or later.
  • Since the picture above was taken, I've installed body-colored turn signal air intakes. Apart from that, it looks like a stock 18 year old car. (ie: it does not gather the undue attention of either cops or thieves.)
  • If you take this car to Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, they will laugh and throw stinky cheese at you. On the plus side, you can then challenge all the Lamborghini Mura owners to a race after the show lets out, and win.

  • It's cloth, it's black, it's nothing fancy. There's a place for you to sit, and a place for your boyfriend to sit also.
  • Radio: Yes, it has one.
  • A/C: No, it doesn't have that. Heater works, though.
  • Cruise control: Nope.
  • Power windows / mirrors / locks: Ain't got those either.
  • Tilt steering wheel: No Miata manufactured between 1989 and 2005 ever had a tilt steering wheel. It pisses me off when I see this listed in used-car ads.

Am I missing anything?

Oh, I'll be driving from Florida to San Diego sometime in January, and if nobody has bought it by then, I'll be hauling the car on a trailer. So, if you're a reasonable distance from I-75/ I-10 at any point along that path, I'll even deliver the car free of charge.
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Payment plan??
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Having towed my Miata across country the other way (San Diego to Jax,Fl) I will tell you that a lowered Miata will fit on a Penske trailer regardless of what their website tells you. FYI, I got a great deal through Penske using the website discount and AAA discount. Also, cover the front of the car if you can. It took many hours of polishing compound to get the grunge off from being behind the truck for so long.

Good luck with the sale and the move.
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Originally Posted by buffon01 View Post
Payment plan??
Sure. One easy payment of only $6,000.

Originally Posted by clay View Post
I will tell you that a lowered Miata will fit on a Penske trailer regardless of what their website tells you.
Yeah, I've been a Penske loyalist for years. Used 'em to move from FL to OH in '99, from OH to CA in '04, and from CA to FL last year. Even thought Budget quoted me a coupled hundred less for this move, I will most likely be using Penske again.

Plus, they recently converted their whole fleet 22' and up to diesel. Hooray!

The last time (CA to FL) on the car hauler, I wasn't able to open the door of the Miata far enough to squeeze my body through it, but I could easily egress from the window and then open the door just far enough to roll it up. Door-to-fender clearance is the only problem I've had with the Miata on the Penske 4-wheel hauler. (I just wish those damn things were lighter.)
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I have driven the car in question at a high speed autocross event and can vouch for its very composed suspension, excellent grip, smooth running and idling, strong powerband, absence of bad noises, and overall very nice condition, and presence of water injection. Your car cornered so much better than mine that it drove me crazy.

Joe you makey me sad. But you makey you happy, so good job on the career move up. I wish you all the best.
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