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Default Lobe Separation Angle - Turbocharged

There are many posts regarding advancing and retarding cams, respective power gains/loss but none seem to take into consideration lobe seperation angle and installed centerline.

So for 1 individual a cam advanced 1 degree ( cam degrees ) may have a very different installed lobe center than another ( deck/head height differences, cam gear tolerances ect).

So shouldnt we be listing LSA / installed centerline #'s instead?

And on that note..... Im putting together a 1.6 with the exintake mod. Currently set at 102 exIn/110 Ex.

We will be dynoing in a few days ... but input from those with dyno experience w/ moving LSA / installed lobe centerlines around would be appreciated!
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LSA in and of itself is a bit meaningless IMO. It's not like 2 cams with different durations will perform the same just because you set the LSA the same; or that a set of cams will perform the same with the same LSA, and you advance or retard both at the same time.

Intake closing angle is the most important single number, followed IIRC by intake opening, then overlap ... etc.
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