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Originally Posted by Jfornachon View Post
You nailed this one on the head. I am a mechanic so I have people. I just don't have much exeriance in th eturbo field. I used to work for mazda so I have a fairly good idea how to work on the cars and what is going on with them. However I have been known to be wrong once in a while.

How user friendly is the Adaptronic?

Have a great day,
It is at least as, if not more, friendly than all the systems that have been mentioned so far.
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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
Don't know why you keep pushing that angle. MS2 > MS1. NB CAS > NA CAS. Controlling VVT > Not controlling VVT. Get it?
I thought MS2 doesn't do OBDII.
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Just so you know all cars unless custom ground up builds builr after 96 are required to run ODBII prior to that I think was OBDI started in like 93.

Just here in Cali and in Cali enforced smog laws states it is required that the car be put on a dyno and put under a load to see how the car is running. Hence why it is tougher out here. We also have a much stricter tolorances on what comes out of the tail pipe.

Thank you I will look into the Adaptronic. Thank you for all the help so far.

Have a great day,
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Hydra 2.17 and 2.5 handle VVT fine, it's the 2.6 that's having some teething issues with VVT. My 02 runs just fine. I daily the car and have even driven cross-country without a problem. As with any car running a non-OE computer, there are small things here and there...like a slightly "meh" idle when the a/c is on sometimes....or the low-RPM surging that happens once in awhile. But honestly, i've learned how to drive around and avoid the small issues.
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dont bother with a parallel install if you dont care about OBDII! seriously, dont.

unless you want to maintain EGR or stock idle control or something.

Adaptronic is very user friendly.
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Originally Posted by evank View Post
I thought MS2 doesn't do OBDII.
No aftermarket ECU in the world will return OBD-II codes.


Which is why Ben stated that the only reason to do a parallel install was if you needed to retain OBD-II functionality. In such a setup, the aftermarket ECU runs the fuel and ignition, while the factory ECU is left in place to converse with the machine at the smog shop.

You could technically wire any aftermarket standalone ECU in a parallel configuration. MoTec, Hydra, Adaptronic, NA Link, whatever. It is most commonly done with Megasquirts, as the sort of people who gravitate towards MS in the first place also aren't afraid of picking up a crimper and doing the wiring necessary to make a parallel harness.
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