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I need a course for Arabic speakers to learn Farsi/Dari, so I don't have to relearn all of the loanwords.
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Their menu sounds delicious. Lots of lamb, ravioli, and yogurt. Probably the seasoning has been Americanized. I'd try it a few times.

If the seasoning gets a little too Southeast you might blow out your O-ring--too close to India/Thailand==butthole burning food.
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Originally Posted by FRT_Fun View Post
You should really try some persian food, delicious. Afgan food is meh.

My gf makes some **** I never thought I'd eat but god damn everything tastes so ******* good!

She also has me trying Indian food. We had something last night and it was pretty killer.
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Originally Posted by y8s View Post
forget the boring kabob BS.

Get the Mantu and the pumpkin with yogurt and ground beef on it. ohhh shittttt.
yes yes yes

Kadu Burani

Aushak is the king. Lentil dumplings with mint yogurt and meat. My GF and I made this at home last week...it was pretty fail/AIDS.
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perahps the burqa is hiding the awesome afghani woman cooking skills?
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I've had tons of indian/mediterranean stuff but never Afghan, sounds pretty awesome.
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