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Originally Posted by y8s View Post
while elevation started here in Northern Virginia, it was inspired by In 'n Out.
Yeah, it's definitely the same concept. Small menu, high-quality fresh ingredients. I just wish they'd have adopted In-n-Out's technique of assigning a unique number to each order, rather than asking for your name. Do you know many people there are named Joe in just a single restaurant? I've gotten into the habit of giving the name "Donner" at restaurants.

the place as well as that of the Vertigo burger (as many patties as you want).
The Vertigo is a direct knock-off of one of the Secret Menu items at In-n-Out. For years, people have been ordering 2x4s, 4x4s, etc. The record, allegedly, is a 100x100 ordered by a fraternity, though the official policy now caps burger size at 4x4 due to abuse.

Here's a 20x20 from before that rule went into effect:

Originally Posted by Braineack View Post
old video, no fancy Coke Freestyle fountain.
They have those fountains at some of the smaller food courts at the Atlanta airport (eg: the ones with Burger Kings) and for whatever reason, they seem to confuse the customers so badly that they have an employee who just stands next to the machine and helps you dispense the product.

I do like that they allow a much larger variety to be offered.

Now, shocking news from the Fast Food universe.

Several months ago, I was driving from Birmingham to Orlando. Somewhere along the way (I can't remember what state I was in) I stopped for gas and went into the McD next door. Ordered an Angus Deluxe, which seemed like the least offensive thing on the menu.

The burger I received actually looked like the picture on the menu! Seriously, it took me a moment to actually realize it, but the bun was not squashed, the ingredients were not hap-hazardly tossed on... This was the first time in all my life that I can recall receiving a fast-food product which actually bore a strong likeness to the picture of the product in the advertising material!

And what was even more surprising was that it was tasty. Definitely not In-n-Out tasty, but it was neither overly greasy nor overly dry, it wasn't slathered with some horrible sauce, all of the veggies on it were fresh and crisp. It just blew my ******* mind.
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I really like the Angus Deluxe.
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Originally Posted by Bryce View Post
I love how they tried to portray the fat people as starving.
Most middle lower (low working class) fat/poverty stricken people are malnourished. Cheap foods, while abundant, lack the nutrients of their genetically unaltered predecessors. Processed foods compound the nutrient lacking problem.
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The aforementioned 100x100. It is real.

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I liked how she chortled at the end
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I just rolled my own local buffalo burger. awesome.
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