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Default Finally getting started

Been a long journey to get to this point, and I haven't even started yet. 43 yr. old noob from San diego. I spent all of 2014 saving money, and searching for a car. Went to every dealer in San diego county, drove about million cars trying to find a toy to play with. My mother is a Miata guy, but I wouldn't listen. Almost bought an m3. Almost a mustang gt.. Wrx..cooper ..c6...Porsche...gti...can't even remember all of them. Never drove a Miata. Then my mother called me she was getting a new (to her) Miata for next season, she has been listening to me talk about wanting to "race" all year, and she offers me her old car. 1990, 1.6, stage 2 clutch, Torsen, all the goodies, been cleaning house in her autox group. So I'm psyched! Really other than the m3, didn't really care for any of the other cars I drove. While I could "afford" the m3, I couldn't afford to race it. This I can actually afford. He tells me, come out to Chicago in the spring we'll do an autox together, and drive back to s.d.with your new car. Cool!! So I sign up here. figure I have some cash and Miata's are not known for high speed, so I'll do some research and put turbo on it. More I read the more stoked I get. Figure I'll do a 1.8 swap, get a turbo kit, and.... Then I get the call. Car is totaled, rear-ended, done. ****! I didn't even get to drive it yet. So f it, I'm going on Craigslist. Found a 2001, ls, decent miles. drive it.. It's not the fastest car I drove, but just as quick as the boxster I looked at. I don't have to do the swap, but I just spent my money on the car instead of the go-fast stuff.
So now I'm saving again. Gonna autox and start up the nasa racing path, save some money and see where I end up. Would love to get to wheel to wheel, but we'll see.
So sorry for the long winded diatribe, but I'm excited to start playing with my new toy. So far I've only cleaned it up, did the foamectomy (which didn't seem to make much difference). I think my next step is suspension, wheels/tires. Then stand-alone, e85. I hope to get to turbo by summertime. But it seems like a lot has to happen to have a solid turbo car. Might not happen till next year.
Been turning wrenches since I was a kid with my dad. Built a few vehicles (85 Toyota rock crawler, Honda cb hard tail, bronco),but never a track car. So this will be fun
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Too long, didn't read. Welcome. Needs more pictures of cats.
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wall of ****
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Hglucky13, congrats on signing up at the best site on the web!
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