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Originally Posted by Joe Perez View Post
Article 3: If you use coils without internal igniters, and drive them directly with BIP373s as Ben suggests, then this is also a non-issue. Personally, I prefer not to do it this way to keep noisy, high-current stuff out of the MS, but to each his own.
My post was assuming he already owned the EDIS hardware. Given the option, I'd use coils with internal ignition modules such as stock LSx coils or our IGN-1A coils. That aside, we're not finding problems with running up to 4 ignition modules inside the ECU, but I understand your point.
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Thanks for inputs, gentlemen. Im gonna stick with EDIS for now to get them up and running and migrate to sequential and COP at a later time. It looks like I'm gonna have to use MS-II v3.57.
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If you want to do sequential injection, the 3.57 board is not the best choice. The issue is that you'll have to find a way to bring INJ3 and INJ4 off of the MS2 card in a different way from what is shown on the sequential web site or remove the surface mount clock circuit from the board (and then you'd have to use the surface mount pads to solder the wires to or solder to the 40-pin socket).

There are other options but they are not as easy as the "standard" one used with the V3.0 board. You'll also have to find a place to put the additional injector drivers since you won't be able to use the 4-channel driver board.

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Originally Posted by jbelanger View Post
If you want to do sequential injection, the 3.57 board is not the best choice.
Motion seconded.

It is not for no reason that I suggested using the 3.0 board earlier. While the schematic of the 3.57 is almost identical to the 3.0, there are subtle differences. Additionally, the 3.0 board is just plain easier for most people to work on, since it uses no surface-mount parts, and has the small prototyping area on it which the 3.57 board lacks. (This area is commonly used for building up relay drivers, ignition output drivers, and other things which the base boards lack.)

If your justification here is that the 3.57 board comes fully pre-assembled, well, fear not. You can buy a completely assembled rev3.0 MS2 Megasquirt for $399, which is six dollars cheaper than a 3.57 system.

By the way, you'll want to listen to what Jean has to say. He may be a newbie on this particular forum, however he is one of the chief architects of the MS2 system, and the developer of many different very useful things.
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v3.0 it is then. Ive been away from the MS thing too long. Thanks again!
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