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Default trouble starting up below 70*

I've got an MS2 built by Rev. Initially, startup would take lots of cranks to get running at any temp. I changed some stuff (just from googling and trial and error) and got it to normal above 70* which was good for summer. Now that it's cooling down I wanted to post up my settings and see if I can get some tips to fix my startup when it's cold.

If it is below 70* It will take 3-5 seconds to crank (exponentially longer the colder it is), and will stutter for another couple seconds before idling properly.. but before I just add more fuel I thought I'd get input.

'95 with stock injectors. have not messed with cranking timing settings at all. regular timing is offset because it was at 15 when I put turbo in. let me know what other info is needed for diagnosis.

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Next time you start the car in the morning. Drag the cranking pulse down low at that CLT temp.

So adding fuel until the car starts, adding a little more more for good measure. You're probably injecting too much currently (but keep laptop handy and be smart about the curve -- you dont wanna get stuck somewhere cause you now dont have enough fuel to ever start)
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so you're thinking too much fuel? I've added so much at this point that's probable.. will try that tonight/tomorrow.

can you (or Rev) post suggested startup setting for fuel and spark you put on your builds with stock injectors? or do you leave that to the customer. I'm wondering if my startup settings were overlooked or not set properly.

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I agree that you're adding too much fuel

Tune your VE table first

Warm up enrichment is crazy high

priming pulse is a bit much. I'd probably half the values to start

After start enrichment is normal ish looking, but only adjust the values at the temps you are trying to start at.
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