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There was a set of K1 rods and weiscos in the for sale a bit ago.
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+1 mm valves for low end off boost torque. Doing that and some head work was epic with my new motor (same bottom end/pistons).

More boost is not the answer. More torque under the curve at all times is the best answer. More boost will just makes the car harder to launch at Pro Solos. My XP car is very difficult to launch well.
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Build is progressing....slowly, but progressing.

I ended up building my own cage. Lots of work, but saved a bunch of cash doing it myself. I've welded in some pre-built cages before. This is my first attempt from scratch.

Here's the concept drawing:

And final product:


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Planning a FP (F-Prepared) autocross build-80-12734052_583768855103483_1279203555721613683_n_ac08733d76491e6cc97beae6f2df66797086471a.jpg   Planning a FP (F-Prepared) autocross build-80-12832368_591639630983072_2116635466459305828_n_0670a1dafcb4ac9897cbda6e679bdee048acb4a7.jpg   Planning a FP (F-Prepared) autocross build-80-12794327_591639637649738_5739037080015647891_n_3cbbe5d8669f0edcf52b8e4a35a61cb1254c44cb.jpg   Planning a FP (F-Prepared) autocross build-80-12805817_591639650983070_4971675432479910782_n_06a95304e97fbd630e400d66503851b8d10e4a67.jpg   Planning a FP (F-Prepared) autocross build-80-12794371_591639657649736_855556175018655927_n_c1e516c3201bdac71dfbee90f642f40545e8121d.jpg  

Planning a FP (F-Prepared) autocross build-80-12718049_592427250904310_2582846358260480629_n_f6ed598ca0cdc01d23c7c8c4eaae3b9496b8ae83.jpg   Planning a FP (F-Prepared) autocross build-80-12814668_592427257570976_8110989670670400053_n_a91442397b8ee4230d4f286cd1a39480d1478899.jpg  
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Here's where it gets interesting....

I decided to go with Electric Power Steering. Ended up using the entire GM column and left the tilt wheel functional as well.

Column is out of a 2003 Saturn Vue. There is a guy in Portugal that sells controllers for this column on eBay. Basically a potentiometer to adjust the resistance. EPS Controller

I don't have pictures yet, but I ended up extending the rear shaft using a section of the Miata upper shaft so I could match the Miata universal spline. I was shocked to find that the GM steering wheel spline is the same as the Miata. I didn't have to mess with that side at all.

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Planning a FP (F-Prepared) autocross build-80-10176025_598802976933404_2680864626036985436_n_332b3237871aa7674015e9a06ede1189749790e9.jpg   Planning a FP (F-Prepared) autocross build-80-10399920_598802980266737_3944384780551330046_n_0e75fa83e3dcd3bdbb1b819d000f975210a8a1da.jpg  
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