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Default mazdaspeed intercooler for Rotrex?

Trying to find a intercooler solution for the Rotrex base kit on my 2002. Routing pipe with AC/PS is difficult. Saw over raditor DYI and it seemed alittle too involved. I saw KW set up a NA with around the radiator set up. I have read the Rotrex doesn't need a big IC cause it runs pretty cool to begin with. Well I found a used MSM piping/IC cheap. I see MSM went thru the fender. It also has mounting brackets several places. I know some fabrication will be needed to mate to Rotrex. My question is is MSM IC going to be too small (8"x8"). Thanks
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Just wait a few weeks and i will post up some pictures on the new KW intercooler. Oscar will be installing one on my car. it is suposed to be smaller and more dirrectly routed. The bracket is very nice and simple.

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Couldn’t you just make the air source for the blower better? I mean if you are pulling air from the engine bay and have no other options sure. You would be overcoming the under hood heat. But, if you can pull air from another source wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the intercooler and the added volume that you are going to add? I know blowers produce heat. But, the intercooler would just be "nearly" matching the outside air temp at the front of the car.

What kind of temps are you seeing from the Blower?

I would say h2o/Methanol Injection. Just saying
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Wut?!? FI devices heat up the air period, until they get insanely efficient pulling colder ambient air into the FI device will never ever reduce intake temps as much as an IC.
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Wish I could give more info about the kraftsweks intercooler. There has been some delays. As far as the MSM intercooler I don't see why it will not work. It works for the turbo right. Is it ideal I don't know . I say try it out if you don't like it you can always change it later.

Hag a great day,
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