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Default Acceleration enrichment

Have a read of this thread Acceleration Enrichment (Andy is the designer of the e420c) he normally uses the TPS componet only, when he sets up transient throttle on an ecu.

There is a wealth of info on the Adaptronic forum.
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Another post from the Adaptronic Forum. Might be helpful to use the TPS based fueling around idle and low TPS %'s to help with lean tip-in.

Having trouble with transient throttle?

Hi Everyone,

If any of you are having trouble getting good transient throttle response using the settings on the 'Corrections' page in WARI, there is a particular tuning mode that may be able to improve your situation
The tuning mode I am referring to is "1 = MAP, 2 = TPS, max (MAP,TPS)"

The idea behind this tuning mode is that fuel map 2 is tuned on TPS (and won't be affected by delayed MAP response etc), so...normally the fueling will come from fuel map 1 (which means that it can be tuned normally and then left alone), but during transient throttle events, the value in fuel map 2 will generally end up being higher than fuel map 1, so the value will come from the second map instead.

To tune fuel map 2 in this mode, you will need to watch the F2 gauge window (or do some logs) to determine the relationship between MAP, TPS and RPM, then with this information you can find the corresponding fuel values in fuel map 1 to enter into fuel map 2.
Once you have finished doing this with fuel map 2, you should take about 5-10% off all the values just to ensure that fuel map 1 will always contain a higher value than fuel map 2 when driving with steady throttle.

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