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Default The new E1280 SuperECU

I just have to tell you guys the new Adaptronic software I was just handed for the SuperECU is incredible. It is such a powerful intuitive system. List of features from Rob:

- USB connection to laptop
- 12 injector outputs, which can be used as extra aux outputs
- 8 ignition outputs
- 16 analogue inputs, of which 2 are for oxygen sensors, 4 can be biased for temperature sensing, and the rest are 0-5V
- 8 digital inputs
- 8 aux outputs, which can drive high or low
- 5 triggering inputs
- 4 vehicle speed inputs
- onboard datalogging, and logging to a USB flash drive, at up to 100 Hz
- 2 serial ports for peripherals such as wideband oxygen sensors
- headphone output for listening to knock

Software/Tuning etc...

The stand-out feature of the e1280s is its almost limitless configurability.
The software has a block diagram editor (which basically represents a script/configuration that runs inside the ECU), which allows the user to add/remove/edit various 'elements' to change the behaviour of the ECU.
The elements can include things like summers, multipliers, comparators, 2D and 3D tables, PID controllers, gauges, etc. This means that if the user wants a new function added to their ECU, they can do the equivalent of a firmware update on a typical ECU by simply changing the element configuration. The ECU will still have field-programmable firmware of course, but it will only need updating for things like new special trigger modes and so on.
- I must stress that this level of configurability will not need to be utilized in alot of cases, but for 'special' installations, or for those people who are quite 'clued in' or fussy, they can make whatever changes they want.
- There are 'dedicated elements' to represent the actual inputs and outputs of the ECU. Each injector and ignition output has its own angle and duration, so they can fire in any sequence with any offset and so on.
- There is a 'setup wizard' which allows you to initially specify details and specifications for the car, and this wizard automatically fills in the values for the most important elements in the configuration.
- The 2D and 3D tables can have completely arbitrary size and spacing of rows/columns, and the axes can come from any variable in the element configuration.
- There is also a built-in oscilloscope, which even allows you to see things like the trigger inputs in realtime, as well as the values coming out of any element in the configuration.

So far we have implemented (or started implementing) the following functions in the default configuration...

- VE based tuning
- estimation of MAP during transient throttle events, using a table of predicted MAP values against TPS and RPM
- closed loop adaptive fuel control
- closed loop adaptive idle control
- closed loop boost
- closed loop VVT
- traction control
- launch control
- individual cylinder trims for injection durations and ignition timing
- staged injection
- gear detection

The new ECU will be approximately twice as much, but it does dwarf the Hydra in power. I'm really excited about this ECU. I will be making the jump, and putting this ECU in my supercharged ranger. So when I do switch over I'll let you guys know how it goes.
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Holy moly.... I like the amount of outputs and injection drivers it has. Multiple temp sensors is awesome too.

Looks very impressive, roll on MegaSquirt III for me to ever get close to competing with those options!
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JEEEEZUS!! Some of us are still figuring out all the features of the current Adaptronic and you guys go and make another one twice as complex...
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Sounds intense. I'm loving the version i have right now as it is.
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you better offer me an upgrade program or I'm gonna hunt you down.

also: pm me the software.
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Originally Posted by y8s View Post
you better offer me an upgrade program or I'm gonna hunt you down.

also: pm me the software.
Please count me in! I am interested for my 68 Charger...

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So, I saw this has been out for a while. I searched and didn't find any other thread about it. What's the consensus?

Worthwhile or overkill for a miata? I saw that some of the new features, like VE tuning were also made available for the older model. So, basically, what's new and desirable from a miata point of view of this ECU? (I understand it can be a lot better than the old model for some cars, but I'm interested only in the miata here).
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No one here has it lol...No general consensus aside from "its probably badass" lol
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