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Default 99 Motor in a 1.6 issues/questions

Hi all. I'm using the 30-1710 AEM in my 91 Miata, which I've now dropped a 99 motor into, with the following choices:

* Using the 99 cam/crank angle sensor setup
* With Toyota COPs wired to direct fire (eliminated the ignitor, ran new wires for coil 3 and 4 on the aux plug)
* GM IAT/MAP sensors
* 99 stock intake manifold/throttle body (for now)
* Injector Dynamics 725cc injectors
* 9:1 pistons (which will change my fueling/timing a bit)

IAT/MAP was easy to set up. TPS and IAC are working (though the IAC hums at various volumes depending on planetary alignment).

I'm having a hell of a time figuring out how to change all the proper settings for the 99 cam/crank angle sensor as well as the COP stuff. I see the screenshots people have posted but when I try to modify any of the phasing settings, the AEM software immediately kicks it back to the previous setting. Is there an unlock somewhere or something stupid that I'm not seeing? I feel like an idiot for this being my problem, but I've played with the software for a couple hours at this point and I can't figure out why the hell it won't let me change these particular settings...

For the COP stuff, I've gone into the coil config and disabled drivers 6/7 and enabled 3/4, which sounds like what people have been doing.

Also, anyone have a decent base fuel/ignition map for a stock 99 motor? For that matter, anyone have an AEM settings file I can copy with the working 99 cam/crank angle sensor stuff and/or COPs?

Thanks guys! I have lots of EMS experience with a Hydra Nemesis and the Autronic SMC, I'm just new to the AEM world.
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Okay, I just got lucky and happened to hit enter while in a textbox and noticed it changed something, so apparently the AEM secret is that you have to hit enter after changing a textbox... Live and learn. So, that solved that problem. Then I set up the wideband, after learning about setting the units to AFR gasoline, which I was banging my head against the wall for a good 15 minutes about...

In any event, I've combined the ignition/injection settings of the two threads I've been reading (one about COP setup on a 1.6, one about the vvt motor 99 cam/crank angle setup), and this is what I've come up with. Can anyone verify that I'm not crazy? I switched the ignition settings around back to 2130 since the COP should be firing in normal order, even with the different trigger counts. However, the injection phasing there seems a little weird to me, but I basically just copied it out of the 99 motor thread, so who knows... Anyway, sanity check please?
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