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Default Miata 30-1710 Configuring for a familia/323 GT-R

Hi all,

I was hoping for some advice on the setup i'm trying to achieve I picked up a 30-1710 for a Miata/MX5 with the intention of using it on my familia/323 GT-R.

I have made a link harness to go between the existing chassis ECU connectors and to go to the ECU connectors. By doing this I've been able to move any relevant inputs outputs to match with the Miata, I did this as I was unsure whether it was possible to change the assignment within the software ? ( link harness wiring at the bottom)

My plan is to fit a 36-1 protege trigger wheel with a Miata crank sensor and replace the CAS with a Miata version to keep the cam pickup. from this I was also going to fit toyota cops and have sequential ignition. I'm still trying to keep the standard wiring harness but making a plug in loom to cope with any additions.

I will also be removing the VAF and replacing with a 3 bar map sensor and a AEM/GM AIT sensor.

I will also be fitting an egt sensor post turbine and a wideband afr sensor to work alongside the O2 sensr that is already fitted (if this is possible)

I have made a tubular manifold and the turbo will be changed for a t25/28 hybrid gasoline VNT.

The fuel pump has been uprated and the injectors are the standard ones so far (will change at a later date for some from a lancer evo)

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated please let me know your thoughts or if any changes can be made to simplify what i'm doing.

Many thanks in advance


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172 Views someone must be able to offer some advice please................................
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