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Default 400$ Auto to 5 Speed Swap

Before We Start With Why Even Bother with an Auto in the First Place, Let me Begin, After a Car Crash that Eliminated my 97 Camaro RS I was left without a car and in Need of one, I had only about 1,500$ and Cragslist was Empty of any Working Miatas, I couldn't miss any more work and was left with 1 day to find a Car, and The Miata was the Only thing for 1500 Mint, New Paint New Exhaust From Cat. to Muffler, It was Auto but Had to Take it to go to Work, From On There I Started to Buy 5 Speed Conversion Stuff

Need to Fix those Rear Lights...

I Had lots of Time so I Got a 5Speed for 80$ Got it and Set it aside

I Started to Wonder if My Car was Even Worth The Trouble, but I Needed something to work on, to learn to work on cars so I started Saving Little by Little and got my research Going on
It Was December when Pick-a-Part Was Having a 50% Off
Went off and Got me the PPF for the Maual Tranny
Master Cylinder with all the Lines including the Slave Cylinder Bolts, Clutch Pedal and Lastly the Shifter ****, Theres a few things I didnt get like the Speed Cable(not sure if Different) but Mine wasnt working on the first place so No need for it, and the boots want to get new, all of this Cost me 50$ Yes.. I got the whole master and Slave to save extra bucks..

Couple of Weeks Happen and my Plastic Window Rips... Nothing Heavy Duty Clear tape and a K&N Sticker cant Fix....

I Start installing the Clutch Pedal and Master with the Hard line to have some Progress (Still need to Cut the Break Pedal)

I Decide to go ahead and buy the Clutch Kit on Ebay F1 Stage 1 Clutch kit 1.6L 100$
Flywheel LuK LFW221 1.6L Flywheel 50$
I Swear this was the fastest Shipping it took 2 Days to get here

Lastly but not least the Pressure Plate bolts, Washers and Flywheel Bolts, this was the Hardest thing to find, with no Information on what size nor thread I had to go to the Dealer and go them there... I think this was the most Expensive thing

(6)Bolts Part No. F201-11-511A
(6)Bolts Part No. 9YA0-00-804 I think the Old Part No. 9975-37
(6)Washers Part 9997-10-800
all this Cost me about 95$

Once I Had that I Started On a Weekend and First thing was Get the Car High
Really High on 4 Stands make Sure it was Level,
Next we Started Unplugging the Connectors in the Engine and by Mistake Shorted Out Something... We Forgot Rule #1 Disconnect the Battery
We Continued by Removing the Fans and Engine Mounts, Noticed both My Mounts are Shot Out, We Disconnected the Auto PPF and Anything Connected to the Auto Tranny, Mostly Junk

Next we Removed the Tranny and Engine all Together and Installed the Flywheel and Clutch kit

After we Installed the 5 Speed and Reversed it all, Put the Engine/Tranny in the Bay Bolt it Up and Install the Connectors, We Remove the Driveshaft Make sure the 5 Speed was in Correctly we Lubed up the Shaft and Slide it Right in, we Put the Manual PPF, Remove the AC System and Power steering
Driving without Power steering is the Way to Go, The Next Step is the Wiring

The Reverse and Neutral Switch needs to Be Re Connected to the Harness in the Car

There is 2 Reverse Light Wires in the Harness
-(Black/Yellow) & (Red/Green) Wires Go to the 2 Red Wires in the 5speed (driver Side)

There is 2 Neutral Switch Wires on the Harness
-(Black/Red) & (Black/Blue) This 2 wires go to the Two Thick Wires ontop of the 5 Speed

Thats my Horrible Job of doing it by extending it with the same color wire.. well It worked

So Reverse lights Works, Another Switch is the One infront of the Automatic shifter Stick, that lets the Keys come out when only in Park, It has a Metal button that needs to be pushed in when in parked, You can Just Taped it In, and Hide it somewhere

Once all this is Done we Tried to Turn it on but......The Engine Wont turn on, we Double
Check the wires and connectors, the car tries to turn on but doesn't, we fill the tank with gas and keep trying, we realized maybe when we shorted out something in the beginning maybe we burned out something, we start to switch parts from my bros Miata to mine, and find Cylinder 2-3 not Firing Conclude that the Coil Pack took a dump

I Decide to buy one online and Wait for it
In that Week I Need to take my wifes car to work for the Whole Week...

Fedex Never took so long and im Desperate to Have this Car Running,
My Coworker complains that she doesnt get hours and Wants some Days at work, this is The day before the Part Gets Here, So I give her my day and Receive my Coil Pack
Head over to My Bros House and Install it, The Car Runs Perfect and Better than Before
No More Rough Idle feels alot Lighter and Doest hit Over Bumps

Never Done Anything that was Worth it as Much as This

I Thank so much to My Brother in Law Justin and Friend Alex who Came and Put in Work Just for Fun, all This took Only about 12-15Hrs of Work

Alex on the Left, Bro Justin in Middle and Me Victor on Right

Sorry if my 1st Thread is Noobish but This is What I Got, Thanks for Reading.
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400$ Auto to 5 Speed Swap-wp_20140102_15_58_14_pro.jpg   400$ Auto to 5 Speed Swap-wp_20140102_09_57_52_pro.jpg   400$ Auto to 5 Speed Swap-wp_20131227_004.jpg   400$ Auto to 5 Speed Swap-wp_20140108_15_42_45_pro.jpg   400$ Auto to 5 Speed Swap-wp_20140111_15_19_58_pro.jpg  

400$ Auto to 5 Speed Swap-wp_20140111_15_20_09_pro.jpg   400$ Auto to 5 Speed Swap-wp_20140111_16_31_56_pro.jpg   400$ Auto to 5 Speed Swap-wp_20140114_16_23_25_pro.jpg   400$ Auto to 5 Speed Swap-wp_20140114_08_46_12_pro.jpg   400$ Auto to 5 Speed Swap-wp_20140123_09_30_32_pro.jpg  

400$ Auto to 5 Speed Swap-wp_20140118_01_41_41_pro.jpg  
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I'm going to start calling you Jaden Smith if you keep capitalizing every word.
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Originally Posted by curly View Post
I'm going to start calling you Jaden Smith if you keep capitalizing every word.
He is dedicated to Shifting
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I try not to, I really do but after I finish typing I noticed, I usually keep going back and remove every first letter
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