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Default Worlds Slowest "Big" turbo Miata build

Lets do the best to keep the trolling to the minimum. Im a little scatter brained and don't know where to start . I normally start my build threads after the car is already running but I want a good start to finish thread.
So a little background I enjoy a good project car to blow up all the time and work on in my spare time. Previously I had/still have but soon to be much smaller turbo a very built 2012 Sti on a 62MM pte turbo on 32psi car went 10.4 at 134 on only a 2.5 inch homemade downpipe, threw a 68mm turbo on and cranked it up car made 736whp on 36psi eventually bent a turbo tuff I beam/rod bolt on 40psi and e98 . I decided I wanted something RWD and fun so now its time to blow up some Miata motors.

I have been daily driving (even in winter) a 1991 Miata with a 1.8L swap 94 rear dif and some other bolt ons. Great car but needs a big turbo.

Ill keep this parts list as a (purchased)/(wanted anything with a * next to it) up top and keep it updated as I go on so anyone in the future doesn't have to search. (provided the thread gets any traffic anyways). It will be a constant work in progress. I will need a lot more parts then I have posted so far 5x but oh well its a good main start.

Super tech pistons
Manly h beam rods
ACL race bearings
ARP headstuds
ARP Mainstuds

BP six speed or turbo II transmission * (undecided turbo II is where I am leaning)

New fuel lines *
big fuel pump (needs more research leaning towards wally450 e85 if it fits)

Leaning towards a AEM PNP setup from FAB 9.

Bullseye 68mm with t3 housing and .70 ar

The entire turbokit will be made in the garage.

So my first step was to find a motor on clist. I picked up a entire 94 Miata longblock for $350 picked up so I did.
I then took it apart.

There now that's about ready for the machine shop.

Also came across a good deal on some internals. I guess we will find out what some regular manly H beams and supertech pistons can handle .

Lent out my turbo to someone in new mexico to test on his sti he is currently on a efr9180 sadly he didn't get to test it as he lifted his heads and has taken him a while to have the time to put his new block he purchased in. It should be in the mail to head back to me this week.

So heres a picture of it when it was new next to my old pte6266

I know a lot of you are questioning WHY a s368..and why one with a billet wheel and a race cover even more so. Well it is already owned. My powergoals eventually will be fairly high as we do a lot of testing and breaking. As for spool I found a build with a s366 on here and saw some videos the spool allowed a nice powerband this will out spool that cast wheel t4 housing s366 by a bit . This turbo actually even outspooled my pte6266 on my sti. Bullseye sells a legit turbo and is made in the USA

I am always open to suggestions it always helps! Please don't tell me to put a ls1 in it or something instead..that is no fun just as costly and if I wanted that I would just purchase a c5 instead. I am a big fan of big turbo cars/powerbands.
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Worlds Slowest "Big" turbo Miata build-11805861_1070437656299656_917139037_n_zpsga0vfcvs.jpg   Worlds Slowest "Big" turbo Miata build-11805733_1070442312965857_1810718262_n_zpsqn7kqsjx.jpg  

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