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Default 1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - $8250

Category: Import
Status: Clean Title

I have a 1999 Mazda 10AE Miata for sale, in USA - Virginia.

Mileage: 101071 miles

Asking price is $8250

Name: David Goodspeed
Location: Chantilly, VA
Contact: PM or email d a v i d (dot) g o o d s p e e d @gmail.com

I have for sale my '99 10th Anniversary Miata. Continuing education and other priorities forces sale; I have more than double my initial purchase price into this car in parts and maintenance, my loss is your gain. If you are looking for a simple, fun, reliable, clean and well maintained track, auto-x or weekend car, read on!

- 1999 10th Anniversary Miata
- 101,071 miles (will go up slowly)
- Clean title in hand


Mazda made 7500 10th Anniversary (10AE) Miatas for the '99 model year, of which approx. 3500 came to the states. This car is #733 of the entire production run. They came loaded from the factory with leather, Bose stereo/Nardi wheel, Sport Package w/ Torsen LSD, 6 speed, etc. and unique Sapphire Blue paint.

I bought this car on 8/1/2009 with 87,644 miles on it, from a VW dealer technician in Roanoke. It was stock save for the rollbar and in excellent shape; I am the 4th owner and its been a NC/VA car its whole life. It has been garaged for my entire ownership of the vehicle. For the first year of ownership it was a semi-regular DD (I had access to public transport), but for the last two years its been a sparsely-driven weekend car, stored throughout the winter months. In the last two years especially, the car has almost never seen rain.

Any interested parties can PM me for the VIN#. CarFax shows one incident - the PO hit a small deer that led to the replacement of the D/S headlight and fender. The car is straight, rust free and shows no other signs of accidents/damage.

I performed most of the modifications under my ownership within the last 5k miles; almost all of the work that wasn't performed in my home garage was either done by Piper Motorsport, a very highly respected Mid-Atlantic race/fabrication shop, or York Automotive, a well known Spec/street Miata shop in Maryland. Its setup to be a fun, reliable autocross/HPDE track car and its definitely been maintained as a proper enthusiast's car would - an extensive list of maintenance has been performed under my ownership and there is literally nothing the car needs at this point, its in top condition.


Overall I'd rate the car in superior condition for its age and mileage - outside of bone stock cars driven by retirement couples you don't really see them in this shape that often - these cars are often treated as disposable enthusiast play-things and are often beat to hell and back. If I had to break it down:

Body/Paint - 8.5/10
Interior - 9/10
Engine/Drivetrain - 10/10
Top - 9.5/10
Wheels - 10/10


The exterior is in above-average shape, but not show-car perfect. There are some minor scratches, one very minor ding and some rock chipping requisite of a car this age, but overall the paint shines up very well and looks great. The car is regularly washed/waxed and has been fully detailed at least once a year. There are a few spots of touch-up paint here and there, and the OEM Sport pkg. front lip has some scrapes/marks as is typical of one on a Miata. Overall, you'd have to be within 1-2 feet to spot these things; after a wash and quick spray wax the car looks very, very good. The cowl at the base of the windshield has the typical crack near the pass. side mounting screw that appears in virtually all NB Miatas.

The top was replaced in 2008 by the PO and is in very good shape. One very, very small superficial tear and thats about it. Regularly cared for with 303 top cleaner/protectant. The inside is in similarly great condition, as I always used the top boot cover when the top was down. No leaks whatsoever.


The interior is exceptional from my experience. The dash/door cards, etc are all in excellent shape with no scratches/marks etc. I replaced items that showed wear such as the e-brake handle, door pulls, and so on with new pieces from the dealer, so it looks almost brand new. The interior was put together by Piper Motorsports (who also performed some of the other maintenance/work on this car) and is definitely setup for on-track safety but is decently livable around town.

Details on the seat install - In the interest of safety/height they built fixed bases for the driver/passenger Sparco seats - if you're around my height (5'8") you should be fine, but otherwise having them fab a new base for you (with a slider should you choose) wouldn't be hard. The stock floor "humps" were retained; the driver side bracket is simply bolted to them, while the passenger side bracket bolts to the forward humps, and angles back behind the rear humps to a reinforced mount point into the floor, allowing for a lower and more rearward positioning of the seat to safely accommodate passengers of most any height. The included stock parts are in decent to fair shape (the 10AE Nardi wheels just fell apart with age, but the seats are decent with some bolster wear).


The mechanicals are absolutely solid on this car. It's a very healthy motor, as evidenced during a Miata dyno day I attended at York Automotive - on a "heart breaker" Dyno Dynamics chassis dyno, the car pulled 108whp/96tq - just a few points off of a freshly built, top shelf Spec Miata car that dyno'd the same day. As I mentioned, its had a ton of regular/scheduled maintenance - seals, new FW/clutch, TB/WP service performed, regular Redline oil changes, etc. Its in pristine shape underhood and you could eat off of the engine bay.

The transmission shifts well - its had regular changes with Ford Full Synthetic MTF (the Ford GT fluid that does wonders for the Miata Aisin 6 speed). Going into 5th isn't quite as slick as the others, but this is well known among Miata transmissions, and is of no hindrance, just worth noting. It also gets a little persnickety going into reverse sometimes, another known Miata quirk.

The hoses/belts are good to go and are regularly checked over to ensure so, the fluids are always replaced on schedule, and the engine bay is regularly cleaned just like the exterior of the car. I've rarely if ever seen a better looking Miata engine bay. The exhaust combination installed in the car consists of high quality pieces that results in a good, sporty tone without being over the top.

Suspension/Brakes/Wheels + Tires

The underpinnings of the car are solid. I regularly care for the underside of the car - any time the wheels are off, which is fairly frequent, the wells and undercarriage get cleaned with brushes/towels and degreaser. The FM VMaxx coilovers appear nearly as new, with no leaks or other issues. The Mazda Competition front swaybar mounts replaced the flimsy stock pieces, ensuring no chance of tearing or otherwise incurring damage during track/auto-x use - not the cheapest or easiest solution, but the best. One of the rear swaybar mount studs snapped (a very common occurrence), so it was replaced with a grade 8 bolt with a lock washer and nylock nut.

The brakes are firm and powerful, with the Carbotech's in place, its a capable dual duty setup, provided you don't mind some dusting/noise here and there. They have been regularly flushed with my Motive bleeder with ATE or Motul fluid. Both rear calipers were replaced with remanned units when one of the adjustment screws stripped (also common) in the original passenger side caliper.

The 6ULs are in great shape - I regularly washed and cleaned them after driving, even if there wasn't significant dust buildup. The barrels are scrubbed and the outer faces waxed during every wash. The R1R's have been regularly rotated (the car is currently set to Emilio of 949Racing's alignment settings, the less aggressive of his two "performance driving" recommendations) and have approx. 75% life left, I'd estimate. The stock 15x6 wheels are in fair shape, but the Yoko S.Drive's on them have more than 90% life left.

My maintenance/modification log:

***Included Parts***: OE Seats, Wheels w/Yoko S.Drive tires (wheels fair, tires excellent), Steering Wheel, A/C Vents, uninstalled Rennenmetal tow hooks, books/manuals, etc.


Racing Beat Header
FM Catted Mid-Pipe
Mazdaspeed Muffler
K&N "Typhoon" Intake/AEM Filter
Koyo 37mm Radiator
FM "Happy Meal" Stage 1 Clutch w/10.3lb Flywheel
FM Clutch Switch Override
Mazda Competition Motor Mounts
949Racing Braided Stainless Clutch Line

FM V-Maxx Coilovers
FM Sway Bars
949Racing Endlinks
Mazda Competion FSB Mounts
FM Frame Rails/Butterfly Brace
Energy Suspension Poly Diff Bushings
Carbotech XP10/8 Brake Pads
Centric Premium Rotors
949Racing Braided Stainless Brake Lines

949Racing 6UL Wheels - 15x9
949 Aluminum Lugs
Toyo R1R 225/45/15 Tires

Sparco Sprint V FIA Seats
Sparco FIA 6 Point Harnesses
Custom Piper Motorsport Seatbases
HardDog Hardcore Single Diagonal Rollbar
HardDog Harness Bar
Sparco 330mm "Naxos" Steering Wheel
Voodoo Shift ****
Amerex Halon Extinguisher
Rennenmetal Extended Gas Pedal
'01+ Center Console
3rd-Gen Eclipse A/C Vents

JVC KD-X40 Head Unit
Scosche OEM Amp Adapter
Clearwater Speakers/Tweeters
LoCustom Shark Attack II Antenna

'01+ Taillights
Painted Headlight Shrouds
DEPO Smoked Front Sidemarkers

In sum, this is a clean condition, well built car that would be perfect for someone looking to get into auto-x/track days - all work/maintenance has been done, just get in and drive. It reflects my mantra with building cars - make a plan, buy the highest quality parts for your budget, and do it once and do it right the first time. It would also be a healthy candidate for a forced-induction build, as this was one avenue that I had earlier planned for the car - everything else, safety, suspension, etc. has been addressed, with more power and torque this car would be a total blast.

I am asking $8,250. Considering the condition and the included parts I think this is a very fair asking price and although I am willing to consider any reasonable offer, I will say that this number is pretty firm. Clean 10AE's (sought after for the unique color, 6 speed, Torsen LSD, and superior '99 head) are in that price range, and building a similar car from scratch would be well beyond this.

Please contact me with any questions/interest, and thanks for reading!
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1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8669893452_5a76e8c4e3_c.jpg   1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8669057825_8b0776633f_c.jpg   1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8668638523_1061d6388b_c.jpg   1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8668749547_a555432111_c.jpg   1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8668745785_07d9b8faa5_c.jpg  

1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8669784644_99acf4f203_c.jpg   1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8668768209_94238043d7_c.jpg   1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8668651225_1024376c96_c.jpg   1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8669815886_408a90000a_c.jpg   1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8668626509_c745bd2b58_c.jpg  

1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8669803618_1356bb0a94_c.jpg   1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8669824308_27af23a4e2_c.jpg   1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8669819606_4e93431079_c.jpg   1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8669660290_243929d880_c.jpg   1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8669674662_0744336cab_c.jpg  

1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8668580907_a9e51a8079_c.jpg   1999 Mazda 10AE Miata - 50-8668560137_d1cbdec5c5_c.jpg  

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Trade for my turbo '99 straight up?
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Originally Posted by thirdgen View Post
Trade for my turbo '99 straight up?
Thanks for the offer, but I'm not looking for another Miata right now. I'm also planning to sell a Jeep I own and go down to one "normal" car while I'm back in school.

Also - MT changed my Flickr photo links to attachments as is usual, but all the pictures broke (at least for me they did). Re-added the pics, hopefully that works (?)
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Pictures are working for me. The car looks fantastic in the photos and it looks like a great combination of parts and maintenance. Best of luck with the sale.
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Seriously - that looks to be one really clean NB. GLWS
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Thanks guys - the car is getting some good interest from the mnetters but I'll update this thread if anything happens.
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You changed out those god awful 10AE seats and wheel, the car looks awesome. One of the few 10AE I have ever seen for sale that I would consider buying.
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Sent you an email.
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Originally Posted by filphil View Post
Sent you an email.
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Sale Pending.
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Friggin' clean man. Looks great. Would seriously consider buying this if the timing were right.
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Free bump for a Gorgeously Clean car. My favorite miata. If my student loans were approved already I would buy this in a heart beat. GLWS
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Let me know if still available.
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I've seen this car in person twice and it's great.
The steering wheel is like, seriously tiny though.

I'd buy it if I had cash, space and wanted another miata.
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Thanks guys, a buyer should be arriving this weekend to take the car out west. I'm happy that the little guy will have some mountains to play in instead of DC area traffic.

Originally Posted by soviet View Post
I've seen this car in person twice and it's great.
The steering wheel is like, seriously tiny though.
Haha, its a 330mm so not too small. At my height, it perfectly frames the gauges and I have to say its one of my favorite mods on this car. It improved the feel 1000 percent over the stock 15-incher, its pretty awesome.
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