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Default FS/FT '84 Callaway Turbo Jetta GLI

I'm really looking to get into a miata, so i've decided to sell my daily driver. I've put quite a bit of money into this car since i bought it because i'm completely ---- when it comes to maintenance. I hate being stuck on the side of the road, so generally if something is suspect it gets replaced.

I'm the fourth owner. The previous was a student who also used it as a daily. The person before him was a vw shop owner who installed the engine and installed the updated engine management (digifant 1). The original owner was from PA, and owned the car for the first 111,xxx miles of its life. It's pretty obvious they took great care of it, because i'm pretty sure it still has the original paint. There are your typical parking lot type door dings and it has swirlmarks, but with a good cleaning it will probably shine like new.

There is really no rust to speak of. i found one dime sized spot of light surface rust starting on the inside of the passenger door well. i haven't addressed it yet because i'm not about to try my hand at bodywork on a 24 year old original paint super rare vw.

Here is the basic info:

-Bahn Brenner Motorsport g60 engine block (originally from the corrado) w/forged ross pistons.
The engine is pretty much new, it has around 16k on it.
-Turbo has about 12k on it since the rebuild.
-Quaife limited slip
-Manual Steering
-serpentine belt setup
-Low temp t-stat
-Spax lowering springs with OEM Bilsteins
-Tires have plenty of life left in them
-Body has 123,xxx on it
-SNS stage 4 chip, it'll run up to 14psi no problem. I doubt you'll want more than that on the street, but if you do they will write you custom software as well.

The following has been done since i have owned the car:

New Battery and battery tie down
Spark plugs (OEM G60 plugs are the only way to go; good for another 60K)
Ignition Wires
Ignition Coil
New Battery Cables
New Windshield Seal
New Fuse Panel
Front and rear wheel bearings
Left and Right axles
All 4 wheel bearings
Exhaust Flexpipe
All new exhaust hangers
Steering Column bearings
New engine and trans mounts
Coolant temperature sensor
New Bilstein shocks front and rear
Poly. Strut top bushings
Wiper blades
Coolant Overflow Cap
Zender 3 gauge panel
Misc. cleaning of wiring and bulb replacement
Cleaned and readjusted the CO potentiometer
Replaced the idle adjustment screw o-ring and reset the idle to specification
New interior light housing and new bulb

The things that make it a 24 year old car:

- No Radio. I can honestly say I havenít missed it.
- The highest setting on the heater doesnít work. The second highest is generally enough
-There is one bolt on the serpentine setup that rubs the framerail slightly at around 3,500 RPM. Itís not a constant noise, just a slight vibration. This can be fixed with a flat topped bolt, but i wasn't planning on doing it until i did the belts.
-The tachometer probably has a slight ground issue; occasionally the rpm will jump up and down. This has no relation to the actual engine rpm, which remains steady.
- The tire rubs the intercooler bracket on hard left turns. This could probably be easily adjusted, but it really doesnít bother me.
- The bumpers have been pushed in, this is a common modification to older VWís. The stock North American bumpers make the early watercooled cars look like they have a fat lip. One problem with this is it often makes the ends sag a bit. The front bumper looks good, but there is a slight sag to the rear. This is also something that doesnít really bother me and can likely be adjusted pretty easily.

Just this weekend i had an ebrake cable break on me. I've already ordered new cables for both sides. The will be installed (time providing) or at the very least, included with the car.

It's currently running at a super conservative 6psi. I have a new 9psi wastegate spring along with wastegate to mani gasket and wastegate diaphragm. i'll include those with the car. 9psi should put it close to 180hp at the wheels. It's not slow now, so i imagine it will really move with a bit more boost. it's a total sleeper and i'll probably miss it, but i need a break from vw's for a while. I owned my last vw for 5 years (it was also turbocharged) so i'm really just starting to want a change.

If you're local and interested the car is worth checking out. the pictures i've taken really don't do it justice.

If i were to sell outright i'd looking for about $6,000 obo. that's priced pretty much on average with most of the turbo mk1 vw's you'll find.

I'd like to get a 1.8 miata, but i'd go for the right 1.6 as well. The closer to stock the better. It would have to be equally as capable of being used as a daily. I'm not looking for a project as it would be my only car for the time being.

email is [email protected]

Most of the time i'm located in west chester, pa. I'm in south jersey occasionally as well.

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