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Default Red Beast might be for sale...

I've been thinking about where I would like to do next to the car and I am kind of stumped. I've taken it just about as far as I want so I am considering starting a new project. I spent a little time last night writing an ad for ebay but I have not posted it yet (getting cold feet). Anyway, if you are into the lightweight type thing this may be the car for you. I am going to let my laptop and g-tech pro go with it as well. Here is what I may eventually put on ebay:

Yes, It is written in html. Not sure how to get it to show up on this forum. If I do list it on ebay I will probably make the reserve $9,000.

<center><img src=""></center><BR><center><img src=></center><BR>

One of a Kind FAST 1991 Mazda Miata Lightweight race car / street car <BR>
I've spent 3 years building this car but it is time to move on to another project. My loss is your gain and this car will save you a ton of money over what it would cost you to build it. The car has only recenty competed in its first 2 autocross weekends (both 1st places in the XP class) and 2 drag races but has been babied and not abused. The car is a well known project car with hundreds of pictures, and numberous articles written about it, as well as an entire website <a href=""> (</a> devoted to its progress. The car has also spawned a mailing list forum with around 400 other participating lightweight Miata owners.<BR>
The car:<BR>
1991 Mazda Miata Turbo (with extra turbo - see below)<BR>
- Over 350 pounds of weight removed<BR>
- Custom T25/28 turbo running at a very safe 13 PSI (can easily be increased via keypad or included laptop)<BR>
- Electronic Boost Control<BR>
- FM3 A/A intercooler<BR>
- Greddy Type-S Blow Off Valve<BR>
- Full replacement FM Link ECU with Keypad<BR>
- LC-1 Wide Band O2 with full datalogging<BR>
- RC 440 injectors<BR>
- FM knocksensor<BR>
- Phenolic intake gasket<BR>
- Car has run a 13.702 sec 1/4 mile @ 107.60MPH (got a ticket that day so I only got the initial run) on the G-Tech with street tires. G-Tech graphs available.<BR>
- Car pulled 201 HP and 193 TQ four months ago on a its first dyno run (poorly tuned at the time, was before the WBO2 installation). Dynojet charts available<BR>
- Stainless Steel tubular turbo manifold<BR>
- Full 2.5" Stainless Steel downpipe and custom glasspack exhaust<BR>
- Fiberglass Toneau Cover<BR>
- 14" Lightweight alloy wheels with Falken Azenis with 1500 miles on them<BR>
- Torsen Posi-differential conversion w/ complete late model rear subframe for additional bracing <BR>
- Jackson Racing sways w/ Poly mounts<BR>
- Rare factory crate 1.6 intermediate shortblock with 9:1 compression pistons<BR>
- Rebuilt 1.6 head, ported, polished, three angle valve job<BR>
- Phenolic Intake Gasket <BR>
- New crank pulleys<BR>
- Custom Dual Feed fuel rail<BR>
- New motor mounts<BR>
- New water pump<BR>
- New timing belt <BR>
- New oil pump<BR>
- New Axxis Utimate racing brakes pads and calipers<BR>
- New stainless steel braided brake lines<BR>
- New KYB AGX shocks<BR>
- Lightened and rebalanced flywheel (12 pounds)<BR>
- New Jackson Racing Stage 1 Clutch<BR>
- K&N Breather <BR>
- Dual Cooling Fans wired in parallel with re-routed coolant system <BR>
- Extensive polishing - Cam Cover, Intake Manifold, Supercharger manifold, thermostat housing etc<BR>
- Autometer Pro Comp Fuel Pressure gauge (cowl mounted, braided steel line)<BR>
- Instrument Cluster repainted silver, needles painted orange to match Autometers<BR>
- Grant GT steering wheel<BR>
- Custom Short Shifter<BR>
- Custom Diamond Plate pedals (improved heel/toe)<BR>
- New ALL METAL radiator (no plastic tanks)<BR>
- Front Subframe brace<BR>
- Completely re-wired over a period of 6 months for weight loss and function<BR>
- Push button starter<BR>
- Fumoto oil drain valve<BR>
- Speed bleeders on the brake and clutch lines<BR>
Car does not have:<BR>
- top<BR>
- heater<BR>
- wipers<BR>
- passenger seat (it is included but not installed)<BR>
- side windows<BR>

- etc<BR>
- This is a fair weather street / race car. Just like a Harley, you probably won't run this in the rain.<BR>
- Laptop for making tuning changes to fuel, timing, etc<BR>
- G-Tech Pro included for testing HP and 1/4 mile times<BR>
- Car cover<BR>
- Website (if you want it)<BR>
- Extra FM3 Turbo, downpipe, external wastegate and manifold if auction goes over $10,000<BR>
- Heck, I'll even through in a couple of Red Beast T-Shirts<BR>
- Car has had its oil/filter changed every 500 miles with Mobil 1 full synthetic and Pure One filters since I have owned it<BR>
- Brake and clutch fluid flushed every 1000 miles<BR>
- Transmission and differential fluid changed every 1000 miles <BR>
- Engine has 20K miles on it<BR>
- Differential and transmission have 60K miles on them<BR>
- The car's chassis has 220K miles on it but other than a little bit of sheet metal most of the car has been replaced. There is no rust on the car but the paint is less than perfect in a few spots. <BR>
- Car must be picked up locally (Charleston, SC area) or delievered for a fee<BR>
- Deposit of $500 must be made within 7 days via paypal<BR>
- Total payment made with a certified bank check and car picked up within 2 weeks<BR>

<center><img src=""></center><BR>
<center><img src=></center><BR>
<center><img src=""></center><BR>
<center><img src=""></center><BR>
<center><img src=""></center><BR>
<center><img src=""></center><BR>
<center><img src=""></center><BR>
<center><img src=""></center><BR>
<center><img src=></center><BR>
<center><img src=></center><BR>
<center><img src=""></center><BR>
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here you go

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It's time to do the ultimate lightness mod... turn it into a Seven.
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I bought Keith's book on how to build one. Looks like it is WAY over my head as far as skills required.
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so you didn't hit up the track you just used the gtech. i was hopping you where going to run it at a real track to see how it would do from what you posted at mnet. oh well nice numbers anyway. tough break on the ticket.
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Originally Posted by magnamx-5
so you didn't hit up the track you just used the gtech. i was hopping you where going to run it at a real track to see how it would do from what you posted at mnet. oh well nice numbers anyway. tough break on the ticket.
We went to the local 1/8 mile track that weekend (after the post). The car was having a horrible time and would not run properly. Felt like the fuel was cutting off for some reason. I have a hood mounted FP gauge so I know it was not fuel related (or so I am thinking). Have not had the time to investigate. The car was running great and then when we pulled out of the neighborhood to go to the races it wouldn't run at all. Have not had a chance to figure out what was going wrong yet. Probably just a short somewhere.
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