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Default WA FS: 1995 Turbo Miata Track and Daily Driver

Hi all!

Regrettably, I've decided to sell my 1995 Turbo Miata. I bought this car five years ago as a stock car to take part in HPDE and autocross events. Over time I built it up to a very capable turbo track car that also runs well on the street. But my interests have changed and I haven't been getting out to very many track days lately. So better to sell it to someone who can use it for what it was designed for. Besides a Flyin Miata FMII kit (with a MS labs enhanced MS2), I've put a long list of upgrades into the car (read that as "I threw the Flyin Miata and 949 Racing catalogs at the car"). The car runs well and has been dynoed (twice) at 220 hp at the wheels and 195 ft-lb of torque, corners extremely well, and has great street manners. I've got a list of all the upgrades (that I can think of) listed below. FYI: I am located in the Seattle, WA area.

Besides the car, I am selling all of the track gear that goes along with the car as a bundle. Here is everything I am selling together.
  • '95 miata with FM II kit and extensive upgrades (AKA: The Car)
  • Matching factory hardtop
  • OMP ARS racing seat with custom built mounting bracket (built by 425 motorsports)
  • OMP 3" six point harness
  • Extra set of 15x8 6UL wheels with Nitto NT01 tires fitted (used for 2 track days)
  • Custom built chin spoiler and wheel spats that greatly improve stability on track (and gas mileage too!)
  • Bonus: I'll throw in my HJC motorsports helmet with smoked and clear lenses for free if you can use it (size XL)
  • I've also got some bits and pieces that I will include as well (like a factory knock sensor, oil and water temp sensors, hardtop hoist, etc...)
It's a perfect package for someone looking to get into track days with out a lot of investment of money or sweat. I'm asking $10,000 for the whole package. I may consider selling the items individually later on if I get no interest on the full package.

Details about the car:
The car has a tan leather interior with matching tan soft top. The soft top has a zip out glass window with defroster (car has the defroster cable and controls). The car has air conditioning, power steering, cruise control, and a factory LSD. I've upgraded the stereo to a JVC unit with CD player, ipod connection, bluetooth, AUX and USB input. I've also upgrade the door speakers and rewired the headrest speakers in the factory seats. I performed a "foamectomy" on the drivers seat. The car has ~139000 miles and has had the turbo for 4 years. There are no mechanical issues, and the car runs well. Here is a list of upgrades that I have made to the car:
  • Flyin Miata FMII turbo kit (w/ no electronics)
  • Enhanced Megasquirt II ECU from MSlabs / revenant
  • Fuel Injector Clinic injectors - 650 cc I believe, but I'll need to double check
  • Flyin Miata Stainless steel exhaust (2.5" from turbo to high flow cat, 3" from cat back)
  • Flyin Miata crossflow radiator with upgraded cooling and AC fans
  • Flyin Miata stage 2.5 suspension kit with Tokico shocks, larger swaybars, and FM upgraded rear upper shock mounts
  • Flyin Miata four wheel little big brake kit with parking brake
  • Flyin Miata frame rails
  • Flyin Miata lightweight flywheel & clutch "happy meal"
  • Flyin Miata clutch switch override
  • Flyin Miata gas pedal extender
  • Hard dog hard core roll bar with additional harness bar
  • Wilwood brake proportioning valve
  • Swapped out the brake booster for the factory brake booster with lower assist and factory master cylinder (for better brake pedal modulation)
  • Flyin Miata master cylinder brace
  • Mazdaspeed motor mounts
  • Garage Star door bushings (From FM)
  • Flyin Miata coolant re-route kit
  • Track tow hooks front and rear
  • Ducted front brake cooling shrouds
  • Custom built aluminum engine cooling shroud for improved engine cooling (ZERO overheating issues at track days running up to 45 min sessions)
  • Replaced oil pressure dummy gauge with OEM part that shows actual oil pressure
  • 15x7.5 TRMotorsports wheels with BFGoodrich G-Force Rival tires
I'm sure there are more things that I've done that I'm forgetting, so feel free to contact me an ask questions.

And for transparency, here are the items that aren't perfect:
  • Paint job looks good from 15 feet, but there are small blemishes at various locations around the car. Paint looks great for a track car, but is not showroom perfect
  • The factory seats have some tears in where the bolsters connect to the seat bottom and the outer bolster is showing wear from 22 years of use
  • Oil pan bolt drips a bit. The pan is in good shape but the bolt probably needs to be replaced, just been lazy (HAHA!)
  • On hot restarts the idle surges for a little bit, this seems to be a common Megasquirt problem.
  • Soft top has one small hole (large pin hole)
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