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2 Props,3 Dildos,& 1 Cat
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Default White Turbo 95 w/FMIII (3) and TecII (2) SF Bay Area

pasted with permission from a friend. his email is
marc *antispam* at *antispam* merlins *antispam* .org

----- Forwarded message from Marc Merlin -----

From: Marc Merlin
Subject: Time to part with my turbo miata

Ok, so this is it, I'm selling my turbo miata.
I love this car, but it's custom enough that it requires someone who can
give it better care than I can.
It has about 120k miles, it's a 95, and it has over $12,000 worth of
mods, not really counting the labour, it as dynoed at around 210rwhp, and
it has very smooth power delivery thanks to the small bearing turbo (starts
spooling when you past 2000 rpm)

I already know that I'll never see a fair price for what the car costs
today + the current price of the mods + labour, but I can't bring myself
down to parting it and putting back to stock, nor do I have the time to do
it anyway.

I would much prefer to sell this car to someone who can continue to use it
as a turbo car, and who enjoys tinkering, tuning the Tec-II, and can take
care of the occasional small thing that a 11 year old car needs.

A few pictures and (incomplete list of mods):

That was just the list of mods for the turbo, and old list I made for myself
to know how much I had paid:
$1200 AVO small bearing turbo (280hp)
$250 Various hoses and random parts from AVO
$1000 Flying Miata III piping kit + intercooler (used from Scott MacLean)
$50 Missing install screws and random **** from Flying Miata
$40 Random crap from Orchard Supply and Hardware
$100 Cruise control relocator kit from Flying Miata + Heat shield
$500 Replika Maschinen turbo and pipe porting and coating
$2000 Tec-II ECU + upgraded fuel injectors (used from Jason)
$300? Tial external wastegate (5psi)
$400? Fuel Rail from Shiv
$300 Max 5 clutch upgrade
$250 Max 5 clutch install
$400 Budget turbo racer 3" exhaust system from Enthusa car
$300 New high flow cat + custom exhaust install
$250 Oil Temp + Boost + EGT gauges and sensors
$150 Oil cooling kit + install rail
$50 Engine cooling fan upgrade
$160 Dual core radiator upgrade
$800 Misc install fees
price Jason and Kit's expert help

Turbo pictures:

The turbo was recently re-installed and retorqued with new bolts.
I also had the back frame of the car replaced with a new one from an M2
when it was a bit twisted and it was hard to align the car (so now, it's
good again)

And this is other stuff:
- nicer looking M2 alloy wheels with Toyo T1-S (not the 1995 stock stuff)
- low profile headlights ($350)
- M2 bilsteins shocks ($600)http://marc.merlins.org/Cars/Pix/Miata/Mods/Turbo/
- Jason coolant Reroute special ($ priceless
- Panache Big Brake kit ($600)
- Roll Bar + Padding ($600 ?)
- Nice seat covers
- Wind blocker
- wooden stick / fake wood cover
- upgraded seat speakers and stereo ($400)
- dynamat sound proofing
- anti theft system tied into the engine computer

----- End forwarded message -----
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2 Props,3 Dildos,& 1 Cat
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----- Pasted Email from Marc -----

Ok, I have more info and updates, so I'm trying again.

In a nutshell, you can either get a turbo car that likely requires
an upgrade of part of the piping to a newer FM kit (but you'd have already
all the rest, and you know it works together)
Or, you get a car that you can put back to stock, sell, and sell all the kit
pieces for a profit. In that case, I am willing to be flexible on payment so
that 1) you make a profit worth the time you put in, 2) you don't owe me too
much out of pocket until you get the money yourself.

The stock car is worth about $4000 (i.e. without the mods), and I was
originally hoping to sell it around $8000, or $4000 extra for about $12,000
of mods and work. That said, I'll likely sell it for less, see below.

Now, the car is at John's shop in Santa Clara (Chet's Auto Care), with his
fellow mechanic, Vu. You can go see it there, ask Vu questions (although he
runs a business, so please don't waste his time), although JohnF and JasonC
can likely answer most technical questions you'd have by Email without you
having to go there

Vu looked at the car, and in a nutshell, it has occasional lean/rich
problems due to some air going in the system, and fooling the O2 sensor.
The Tec-II likely fixes that a bit by itself, and you can further tune it to
compensate, but the core problem should be fixed.
Fixing the piping is likely possible, but would be work.
Jason rather recommends that you upgrade to a newer FM piping kit that is
better done and easier to maintain. It should be compatible with the
remaining pieces in the car.

I'm happy to lower the price based on how much work and money is required
to fix the car, and I'm willing to be flexible on payments if you buy
the car to part it in pieces.

If you have forums/other lists that you think I should post this to, please
let me know.


----- End email from Marc ------

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