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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Originally Posted by 18psi View Post
Its not a build if it doesn't run
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Originally Posted by Hahnlsquid View Post
sorry i started this thred i should haveknown better....i dont have a problem with using cheap parts to start questionable reliabilty on some things is ok for me i spend every weekend working on cars anyway and i dont drive the miata on far trips its just a weekend toy.... so im not one to spend big money on eveything top notch the first time because im scared of breaking things.
a cheap turbo system is better than no turbo system right? so ill peice somthing together..if i break the diff il just replace it with a torsen then. i dont think its unheard of for my vlsd to hold 160hp for a while and if i break that its not like the whole car blows up.
i must say im a little disapointed in how all on this forum seem to like to discourage people..i think i will just look for a used deal on the solid basics for good parts the rest can go cheap for future upgrade....i guess i was just bored and wanted some suport...wasnt looking for here is exsactly how its done answers...i understand i will need to sorce deals and fab things....just thought out of everone on this forum someone had a good sucsess story i could read about with a starter build...but i guess everone here has a budjet to throw $5k+ at a time into a car....im not about to sell my other cars or bike to fund this project and i got to start somewhere.....

Dude... whats the issue?

There is some good info in this thread, ideas for parts and tuning and such.

Also mention of what parts to advoid.

Quit with the butt hurt, this is a fourm of guys taking what is viewd as a gay or chicks car and givin them some testosterone so they can go play with the pony cars.

No one said sell your bike or car or dump $5k into the build and have it done next week.

So take off your pastel pink polo shirt and peel the rainbow sticker of the back of the Miata and get to work.

If you look at any build thread, you will see that no two are excatly alike.

Spend a few bucks on some base parts like your mani, injectors, turbo and FMIC.

Crush a few beer cans on your head and smile.
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You can get used 550cc injectors for around 100. Intercoolers from EBAY, same as chinachargers, are pretty good. There is a Honda thread in another forum about china chargers, and many swear about reliablity as long as the oil restrictor is used.

Easily on clutch, like 300 or more, leave the flwheel alone.
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get everything from ebay and you're good to go for under 2k
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Originally Posted by thirdgen View Post
That can easily be done, especially if you live in Pennsylvania and you buy me a few beers.
A couple years later... I would love some help turboing my car. Hit me up
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