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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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If your BOV flutters then you've got issues. It shouldn't flutter when properly working.
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i use to get flutter at partial throttle around 0-5psi...its annoying
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Yeah, It gets on my nerves cause I feel like I'm doin damage. Don't know if I am or not though. Seems like the BOV works a little better now. Not getting as much flutter, but its still there. So Greddy knockoff here we come. I'll post an update once I get this done, maybe in the next couple weeks. Car is in the process of getting many things done.
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I had the HKS SSQV for a couple years and always ran it with the line hooked up. Somehow one day the vac line came off and I had the gobble. I figured out what it was and fixed it, but I pulled it a couple times after that to show some friends.

I've heard both sides. Some say its super horrible for turbos. Other guys have said they never heard of any problems with surge before. Alot of videos I see from Japan demonstrate the no BOV surge. I've never heard the late BOV flutter like that before.....that definitely sounds off. Either way I prefer to run a BOV.

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Again, the biggest reason to run a BOV is so you don't have to respool after a shift. When you stop the compressor,you have to spin it up to get boost.

I could swear mine's blowin in the recirc port all the time - it's slow to spool sometimes, and noisey, othertimes it's fine.
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