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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Default DIY Build on E85, Looking for thoughts

So I have decided its time to pay attention to my 2000 Miata and have some fun with it.

Right now I have been working on cleaning it up, making it comfortable and next painting it, however from the start its needed more power.

I am debating both options, Turbo and Super Charging (I have experience with both setups) so I am very open to users thoughts here. Turbo tends to be my Pref. just because of the options for growing with me but in the same light there are always limits.

I am not looking to really build the motor at this time, I am still searching through threads on just what the limits are of the Non-VVT 99-00 1.8L Motor.

However for the time being I thought I would share my plans and idea's and see what those around here who have played around have already sorted out themselves.

First since this is the biggest step in my book, the car will not even see the turbo before its running off a Megasquirt 2 setup. (I already bought a new wideband for it)
I will run E85 most of the time considering its easy to find here. But using MS I plan to be able to go back to 91 if I have to for road trips with local groups.
I planned to do the basic fuel pump upgrade to a Walbro 255.

I have a few sets of injectors around me, I have noticed many here like the RX7 Injectors and they seem cheap but I have access to the following:
--820cc WRX Injectors that were just cleaned and checked however if the fuel rails are anything like KL rails that means I need to make custom fuel rails, not a horrible task but something to take into consideration.
--Next I also have a set of RC 550cc Injectors Part Number PL2-550, but I am not sure these will be up to the task of my goals.

As for the Turbo I have yet to decide, the same for the manifold I am looking at all the options.

I first wanted to layout a good Fuel system for E85 with room to grow obviously using Megasquirt. I will run it NA for while just to play around with fine tuning and getting used to it. (I have never used a MS2 Processor setup only MS1 Processor, should be fun to play around).

Now the big question always is power goals and to be honest I just don't have a set goal. I want to play around and see whats fun. Being able to get into my car and start it up every day is more important (Not that I would be using it as a daily but its just more important to me).

As such staying below the ragged edge of the limits is important until I make my choice on how best to address the weakness's I research and find with the motor as it is. (Aka Head Gasket, Rods, Pistons etc)

So I guess a max for now would be 300hp.

I am really thinking it would be more fun to get a Rear Diff from a 6 Speed as I have read so far (If its accurate) that some have a 3.73 Rear Gear setup which when mixed with the 5 speed should make for a fun highway cruiser if I set up the rest of the vehicle correctly. (I also would like to know how adversely this would affect the Speedo, is it ECU controlled so it can be modified or?)

For holding the power I was going for the KL Clutch Disc upgrade for the time being and a light weight flywheel.

I figure starting here would let me feel out how I like the car and if I am going to stick with it or go another direction with or without it.

Either way I look forward to looking around the forums and collecting information.


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