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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Originally Posted by wolfman View Post
How has MSdiy standalone changed your life? Yes, you have control, knowledge, and power, saved some money, all good things. I'm curious about the darker side of this. Has anyone lost jobs, girlfriends, years, sanity? Would MSpnp ( or hydra, aem) help me to hold on to some of those things? I'm kind of serious. Or is it not too bad with all the present accumulated knowledge. I don't have ac.
Kinda almost belongs on a different thread or something, don't ya think? In the engine management section, perhaps?
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do it right the first time rather than having to redo some **** over again because of rushing boost greed,
buy parts only once so buy quality ****.
glad i found this forum and all the members guys are great, would not be possible without all the help!!
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1. would have used the ETD shorty tube instead of long tube.

2. 2560 instead of 2876

3. installed the air-air intercooler first instead of trying air-water first.

4. something other than Tec3 or Hydra for engine management.

BONUS: generally I try to avoid getting the "ok" stuff if I can stretch and get the exact thing I want. nothing sucks like wasting money on buying stuff twice.
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great info guys wish i could add some to but im still building. anyways whats a MSM MBSP? i know mbsp is a main bearing support but is msm a mazdaspeed one? is there something better then stock?
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