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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Default finally getting ready to buy the stuff and had a question

i was getting ready to buy the turbo and mani but i had a 2nd opinion id like to run by you guys,

which would be more efficient/more power producing/etc, im looking into pros and cons of both the folowing systems im only looking to boost about 5 psi for now, and going up from there as mods allow but never over 220hp on this engine...

choice #1, megan racing manifold and downpipe, mated to a EVO3 Big 16g

choice #2 BEGI mani + BEGI divorced wastegate downpipe, mated to a stock(rebuilt) turbo off a sr20det

so far my list of pros and cons adds up as follows...
choice one is about 200 for the mani + 499 for the turbo..
choice two is about 100-200 for the turbo + 285-385 for the downpipe+ 439 for the mani so cheapest comes out to $824
so cheapest is the megan and 16g but only by a little and any cracking or modifying negates the cost savings

megan racing= so-so
BEGI = no competition

id like to know more about which will lag more. what hp/powerband may look like at same boost levels. basically anything elsei havent thought to factor in...

well thanks for your help
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SR20DET T25 turbo will be pushing 7PSI at 3000rpm. Smooth delivery and a great turbo for a 1.6.

Can't tell you about the other one, but it is bigger than the stock GReddy turbo and therefore more laggy, and the GReddy turbo is already a little laggy, so there you go.
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Good DIY kits are built around good manifold/downpipe combos. BEGI all the way. I don't know that you will see a huge difference in lag or WHP between the two, although the BEGI would have to free up some power and efficiency. I would search for people who have replaced the stock Greddy D/P and see what they say...

We all know BEGI thinks/cares about what they are making, think M/R does? For example, look at the M/R downpipe. It really is mediocore at best. While the BEGI downpipe is thoughtfully designed with a bad-*** divorced gate. I know which one I'd rather have on my Miata.
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I have the Megan Racing Manifold and Downpipe mated on my 14b. And although its a pretty decent combo and the price is awesome, but if I had the money I would have gone with BEGi Manifold and Downpipe.
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choice 2 kicks the **** out of choice 1. a turbo kit takes a lot of time and money no matter what. might as well try to make it as good as possible.
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those turbos are entirely different, that mitsu will flow much more air than any t25. t25 is probably good for maybe 250hp where the evo3 16g could get up to 350+
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well im never planning on pushing more than 220-250hp on this incarnation of this engine, in 2-4 years after i get a new daily driver there will probably be a built 1.8 w/ stroker kit, all forged internals, low compression etc ill be looking to build that i can eat vipers with..

in the meantime i only want a reliable turbo system to push only around 5-7 psi and to have near minimal turbo lag, as close to NA response as i can i was having my heart set on the 16g but this is sounding like the t25 may be better suited for my uses

is the stainless manifold that much better than the mild steel?
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