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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Originally Posted by Doppelgänger View Post
Scare bitches while driving
lol i had the the turbo xs rfl on my evo8....ear bleed and scares bikers almost to the point they fall off the bike
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Originally Posted by Faeflora View Post
What turbosmart stuff are you running?

Why do you like it?
I've used turbosmart stuff on just about every build I've done for the last 6 or 7 years.
On my Miata I have the 50/50 stealth series BOV and remote mount manual boost controller.
Boost contoller works flawlessly. every click of the detent is equal to about .5lb of boost. very predictable.

50/50 valve has timed ports. makes it nice if you want to recirculate and vta. oh yes it can be done. the way I use it is both ports vta, but the first port is much quieter and second has a megaphone/ whistle type contraption on it. that way if I'm driving around town not boosting much it's not obnoxious when it blows off and doesn't get on my nerves or others. when you put the boot to it though it's pretty ridiculous and ricer. so if you like scaring people... it will. used to have a greddy type s and that **** was loud all the freakin time. no matter what. it's spring tension is endlessly adjustable to tailor how easy or hard vents to the second stage. once in the second stage it moves a **** ton of air. I used the same valve on a 750hp S2000 build. with no issues at all.

on that same build I used one of their vband gates. never had any issues with flow or "relaxing" hardware like you often find on tial stuff.

all in all it's the intangible things. you pick up their products and can just tell it's quality stuff. there are no diaphragms in their BOVs it a brass barrel that is sealed with O-rings put a drop of oil on them once a year and enjoy trouble free operation. I've used their products on everything from my slow little miata to a 13 sec Ford Powerstroke Excursion and everything in between. Have never had any failures of any kind. unless of course it was owner induced. had one guy keep backing the spring off of his BOV to try and get that "Fast and Furious sound" (what ever the **** that is) and it sprung apart. cleaned up the parts, lil dab of oil and it was back together in 30 seconds. still functioning to this day. that was 7 years ago or so

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