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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Aww man, reading the title i thought i was finally going to have a good reason to post this link:

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Man, i really feel bad for this guy.

Ok, so to run a proper band-aid setup you will need the following.

1. Larger injectors, look for some "tan top" 1.8l injectors. Or you could find several other injectors that will run on the stock ecu. See Braineacks faq. You will never be able to idle 460 cc injectors without engine management.

2. A better fuel pump. Most people would agree that the Walbro 190hp is the best for band-aid setups.

3. More disks for your vortec, or a fully adjustable unit like the one BEGI sells.

4. Some kind of timing retard device, Bipes ACU, MSD.

Many people have run 10psi on setups like this.

Or you could go a MUCH more efficient route. This setup would be good for 16 psi if your engine can take it.

1. Buy Megasquirt PNP with afm delete from Diyautotune.

2. Run your 460 injectors.

3. Win

No need to bash on the guy if he really cannot spell. He is a car guy just like us right?

Its one thing if a guy comes on here and is lazy, orr wans ta be hella tite- but if he cannot ******* spell no need to rub it in.

Id advise you use Firefox v2.0 or better. Spell check ftmfw.

Also, Learn2Search. Seriously this isn't any ground breaking information here. The board is literally filled with it.
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Mods should rename this to "I FAIL AT THREADING"
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1) Walboro 190HP

2) 1.8L Injectors

1 + 2 = 10 psi capable fueling system with that turbo

You will still want to get a Bipes timing controller and an intercooler if you don't have them already. The bipes is not required, but you will lose a lot of torque retarding your entire rpm range just for the boosted portions.
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Originally Posted by mild to wild View Post
Well the the last i checked this was a turbo forum and not a spelling bee or grammar test....and i was going to post my intro after i got some pics of my car but working 10 hours a day 6 days a week and trying to figure out my fuel management problem doesnt leave much time to do these things .Sorry I will do so soon. Im Sorry if i ruined someones thred i thought this was the topic it was about

Anyway i know that i want to see 11-11.5 afr under boost .
With stock injectors and vortech fmu turned all the way up ,my idle is fine but under boost afr reads 13.8-14.9 at 5lbs of boost is too lean ..
My goal is to run 10 lbs of boost, So from my research i need bigger injectors.
So i bought 460cc and installed them and turned the fmu down so it wouldnt be to rich. Result was rough idle and was reading 10 afr is to rich so i took them out and installed the stock ones back in so i could drive home.
I stoped by a friends house that builds 1400hp vipers and supras and is well known in town for doing turbo set ups and he said that if i put a ajustable fuel pressure regulater and aced (to throught away or remove) the stock presure regulator that i should be able to drop fuel presure enough to run the 460cc injectors at idle and use the fmu to increase fuel fressure under boost and the car should run fine. If it comes to it ill run a aem computer or megasquirt (aem is what my friend uses on those big hp cars that he builds)
I was looking for someone elses experiences that they had or advice..

A 1500hp viper isn't as impressive to me as a 500hp miata. Especially if both are done on the factory computers.

You can run 460cc injectors on the stock computer if you mess with the AFM, but it wouldn't pass any kind of emissions, and it would probably be fat pretty much everywhere. The stock computer works good for what it does, but it is really pretty stupid and not very adaptable.

You're best bet for 10psi if you wanna stick to the bandaids is the already recommended route of 1.8 tan tops, hp fuel pump, intercooler, bipes, and disks for the vortech. If you have the means though it will be better and cheaper in the long run to throw in a megasquirt. The PnP setup is amazing and practically tunes itself. The AEM is great but expensive, and not as well supported.
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Well thanks for the advice , its looking more like im going to go mega squirt..But ill give the band aid a try first .
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Default Bandaids for you!

Mild to Wild,

Let me know if you want a package deal on a functional set of bandaids (BEGI rising rate adjustable fuel pressure regulator (better than the Vortech), 1.8L injectors, J&S knock sensor, and a high pressure auxiliary fuel pump (Pietenpol?, will crank it up to 100+ psi). I've run this setup for 8 yrs of limited summer driving on my lightly boosted (8 psi intercooled) 1990 and am now moving up to an aftermarket ECU. Everyone else who has posted on this thread is being forthright; your target is aggressive and going to be very difficult to make given your $1K budget. Additionally, bandaids are never going to give you the crisp, even response you'll get with a Megasquirt/Link/Hydra from light load tip-in to WOT max boost. PM me, I'll be glad to give you a good deal because I'm done with hitting my head against the wall with bandaids.


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Wow dude... Is everyone on E or something. I would have expected some major flaming on this thread, but I guess yall are feeling too happy/peaking to dish out the flames
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