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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Default I want a Turbo. Have a Few Questions.

Youtube is a wonderful place, and yet it has this funny way of making you want to spend money on a turbo when you watch a Miata with 20psi boost go through the gears. I really want one, but i had a few questions before I start saving up my money.

1. What's the best turbo (surefire way to incite a forum argument)? And why?

2. How much does it cost?

3. What kind of power does it produce and at what boost?

4. How much of a pain is it to install? (If I have straight-forward instructions and the right tools I know I can pull it off but does it require pulling the engine or anything that I shouldn't attempt between Friday afternoon (when I get home from school) and Monday morning (when I go to school).

5. Where can I find a How-To with pictures?

6. Where can I buy the Turbo?


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You have come to the best place to learn about everything miata+turbo related, unfortunately your question is so broad, its like asking "whats the best car" and "how much does it cost" and "how much power does it make at what rpm"......

I suggest you make an introduction thread in the appropriate section and just start reading: judging by your questions you have about 2-3 months of reading 24hrs/day in front of you.

oh and welcome
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Zac you have come to the right place - but you gonna be eaten alive if you dont do your own homework - there is an awesome FAQ written by braineack its probably the best FAQ on any web site

read that a few times to understand what you in for

all your questions are answered in that FAQ and some you didnt even realise

and dont buy an ebay turbo kit - you will only make yourself mad

buy yourself a megasquirt pnp dont try the band aids

and also read that FAQ before hustler wakes up - he will tear you a new mangina
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btw, the FAQ he's talking about is RIGHT ABOVE YOUR THREAD

and you can make an introduction here
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This is important:
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Man, these cluesless newbs really get annoying.

18psi, you really had to bite your tongue on this one I bet. Congrats w/ the anger management. Seems to be really working, perhaps a little too well though.

Hopefully this forum doesn't eventually live up to the sterotype that Miatas already have.
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hustlers on his way
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To all of you who replied to the OP: Great job!

You couldn't have done a better job!

You provided the newb with all the information he should've read without raping him.

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What you also need to do is set some realistic goals. How much hp you want, purposes for your build, how much money yout willing to spend, etc..

And really...please take the time to read anything and everything you can on this site.
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since a lot of these answers are in stickies or can be searched for easily, I'm going to try out a thread lock and force you (energyracing, noob) to post in the meet and greet section to introduce yourself and meanwhile try to help yourself to some of the VAST amounts of information available on this forum.

you can't honestly think nobody has ever asked these questions before, can you?
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