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Default intercooler (spearco vs srt4) and radiator (stock vs civic) questions

So in my quest to be a good boyfriend (currently single now), I let my gf drive/drift my car. Needless to say, she ran out of skill and slammed my car into a curb. The casualties were:
- RB type II nose shattered
- my Spearco bar/plate intercooler busted off its mounts and bent right in the middle, but it still holds pressure
- aluminum racing radiator bent in half (yeah, it folded)
- upper and lower control arms on the driver front were mangled and the Koni yellow was bent.
- wheel and tire were toast

Anyways, to get the car running again, I put in my old automatic radiator and now, on the freeway at 4k rpm not even in boost, after 30 minutes or so, the temps hit about 230F and were continuing to climb even with two fans on and a reroute to the back of the head. I found a Koyo 37mm for 320 shipped and a 54mm for about 360 shipped. However! From the same dealer, a half-sized civic R-core (54mm) Koyo can be had for about 290 shipped. With proper ducting, I think it'll cool better than my current radiator. What do you guys think?

To help with engine cooling, I'm also getting an RX7 oil cooler for free from a friend. Should I put this on between the radiator and the intercooler and see what happens to my overall water temps? Or should I bite the bullet and install this with one of the aforementioned radiators?

Also, because my intercooler is pretty much toast, I want to get something new. I found an SRT4 intercooler for pretty cheap and was going to put it on. Should I just bite the bullet and get it? Or try to get my Spearco fixed?

Finally, is there anything else I can try to make my cooling system (oil and water) more efficient? I ducted the sides, bottom, and top of my current radiator and it helped a little, but not enough. Also, my oil cooler(11x8x1) is behind the vents on the good side of the bumper, but just feeling the lines into and out of the cooler, there really is no discernible difference in temperature.
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Hahaha, I know! She fuggin just disappeared off the face of the earth =\
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:e ek5:
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