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Default its my birthday today, got insurance money...

i just turned 18. ive posted some ideas i had in one of my first posts.

im enrolled to attend Ben franklin inst. of tech this september to start my auto career. im going to have a dyno and unlimited shop time so basically im set on getting all of the maintenance done now, and buying a clean b6ze motor/tranny and a stage 2 clutch+ lightweight flywheel. then i can drop a turbo setup in september, have it up and running beginning of november
i was expecting more money from them but i got a little more than half of what was expected, god knows why. anyway, ive figured out that i shouldnt get a turbo kit so soon.

when i posted that thread may 17th, the car was in great condition. this was a couple weeks after i got the car. as of now though, the car is running real rough. it has 200k miles so im just going to get a new b6ze like i planned.

my dilemma is though, should i have my engine rebuilt, or should i just get a jdm/usdm b6 with low miles, to be boosted DIY in november? if more favor the rebuild option (meaning less cost, im on a budget) how much does this type of job go for? all shops have different prices, but i just need a rough estimate. i would do this myself but ive never opened up an engine before, i just need more practice. ive watched my dad do it but its not enough. ive put an engine into a car though.

i plan on getting the tokico shocks and springs combo from FM as well, the tuned afm from Parts Group, and their rear knuckle to fix my wheel bearing (i dont have a press..just a jack, stands, and tools )

let me know what you think of my plan. i only have 1800 + whatever im getting from working at F1 boston (anticipated 9.00/hr 20 hours)

so please, if you dont think i have enough, tell me how i can keep my car running without having to throw on the ac for it to idle, and having to adjust the idle control valve for it to not go all the way up to 2k rpm on its own. and also, where to find a decent junk yard for mazdas that sell oem/aftermarket miata parts. thanks guys
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I don't think anybody will tell you that a rebuild will cost less than buying a junkyard motor, even if all they do is open the engine, replace the rings, and put it right back together.

Good, running 1.6 engines change hands every day for well under $500. That might even be high. There's just no demand for 'em.
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well, thats what i was thinking originally. unless of course you rebuilt it yourself, but i dont have the skills for that. ill talk to partsgroup about a replacement 1.6. thats the only place i know of to get the motor from.

anyone else have another opinion? i want to do it right the first time under budget rather than wasting my time and screwing up and not have enough money to cover anything.
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