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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Default Looking for info on my future DIY turbo miata

First off let me say, I don't own a Miata yet... I know it is probably worthless to talk about the turbocharging a car I dont even own yet, but im in the market and im in no hurry to buy the first 99-00 Miata I find. Im looking for a good deal/good condition/low mileage Miata.

I've tried racing my 07 R6 at the track and didn't really care for it. I have had 4 friends crash in the past few year racing at black hawk farms in IL. A friend of mine has been pushing me into racing a Miata and I have been getting excited to do it next year. So if all goes well the bike may be sold soon and I will have enough to get a car/rims/hard top. The rest I will have to part together.

That being said I am doing some research to see what class id rather be in. I like the idea of spec miata but running a open class with a turbo car sounds like alot more fun and its been a few years since I've owned a car that is fast.

Found out earlier tonite a friend of mine still has his turbo from his integra. he couldn't remember exactly what it was but something along the lines of a t3/t4??

1: would a t3/t4 be worth doing? when it comes to comparing turbo's i don't know much about it. is that at all comparable to like a gt2554 or closer to a GT2560R sr20 turbo?

2: can someone give me a list of stand alone systems. ive looked up the mega squirt which looks the most appealing so far and a decent price. the hydra is probably out of my price range.. And In the past we used piggy back systems that I wasn't to fond of. So the voodoo box is seeming along the lines of like a VAFC...

3: Im really just looking for advice. All my knowledge came from owning a honda. I don't want some 300hp monster miata. I am looking for 150-250. It will probably be a daily driver with 1-2 track days a month during the summer. So id like it to be reliable.

Thanks for any info guys. And I swear im using that search button a ton. just looking for a little guidance and advice.
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1) I personally wouldn't worry so much about racing class just yet. Get the car and race it. Learn your car, learn where the weak points are - both in you and the car. Build your car to be fun to drive both on the track and on the street.

2) I don't know turbo's - others here will chime in I am sure. However I do recall the t3/t4 being in the running. The 2560 seems like a popular choice for your power goals. I believe the thing you need to be concerned with is flanges. I personally wouldn't just go with whatever is lying around. You won't be as happy.

3) Like I mentioned on your intro thread. Megasquirt. You might still want to run your stock computer piggyback, but not in the sense you are familiar with. I think what you are calling piggyback we call band-aid. Megasquirt will handle all engine management while your stock computer handles stuff like A/C and fans.

Good luck and I will read your build thread as you go. I recently decided to fold my Miata savings into paying down my debt so I just took a step back. I will be living vicariously through your adventures.
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