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Default MSM 05' Disco, Turbonetics, Other options?

So, this is my first real posty, and I wanted to open with a question. Of course. I've been bouncing around here looking for info on the GT series and what people have been using, and comparable Turbonetics options, and any other options. I have been seriously considering a GT2860RS big trim for an upgrade. I've read and been told that while its a good turbo, it shows I'm indecisive, since its an in-between of either big power or fast spool, and some say go up or down, I guess. Well, I think a 300-340 hp limit is fine for me, and I'd probably start by shooting for 250-280 before head work and other non-bolt on stuff. Also, I would like to know about upgrading the IHI or a turbonetics option instead. So, what I guess I've got GT2560, Gt2860rs, GT2871r, T-type, IHI Upgrade as questions. Of course with all of this I'll be going FM intake, FM downpipe, FM intercooler, O2 signal Modifier for a while, with a 034 Megasquirt 11b ecu eventually. Not sure about exhaust yet,but don't care much. Other crap I'll be doing would include ENkei RPF1 16x8's w/T1R's, Frog arms and FM frame rails, 3.636 rear end.
Boost plans are to start at 9, 12 at most before standalone, 12-15 with standalone. And power goals are to start at 240 +/- 20 without standalone with driveability in mind, and 300+/- 20 after standalone, and go from there.

That's a bit to read.. huh?
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from today
there is also a recent dyno on here from Begi with a gt28rs on an '03 I think. Plenty of threads and dynos about the gt2560 also. Less people with your other options though I'm sure there are plenty that would love to see more on the gt2871r...

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What are you plans for the car autox, drag racing, track ***** maybe a fun daily driver?? Exhaust manifold do you plan on using?

I would say the biggest factor is what you plan on doing with the car.
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Track/ daily driver. I would absolutely LOVE to get into auto X again, but not with such a new car. As far as a drag track goes, I'll take it to get a few times, at most twice, and thats it, just to see, and to know. Preferably, I'd like a moderate track car that is very drivable on the street. I dunno if you guys are familiar with the MSM but it has a lot of drivability issues out of the box. FM solves most of these for less than a grand, minus a standalone, so thats good.
On another note, I did find exactly what I want for now, I think I'll be going with the IHI upgrade since its the right price, until I get sick of it and want more, I think I'll move to a potato, needing a new manifold and Intercooler. I can make 230 or so with the blouch setup. that should give me an idea of where to go next. Sounds, compromising huh...
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