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Default My disco potato has too much shaft play, what are my options?

In a nutshell, I started hearing some strange, faint "chirping" occasionally a few days ago. My car is straight piped at the moment so it's hard to hear if it's going on all the time, but I can hear it when just coming from a stop, and decelerating.

I got the car up on a lift today and was checking everything over and the chirping was coming from the exhaust. I pulled the intake off the turbo and was able to move the shaft quite a bit more than when I put the turbo in originally (used, back in December), and I also have some oil residue on the inlet of the compressor as well (valve cover breather NOT connected preturbo). I could also see some very fine metallic "dust" in the inlet as well, and VERY light abrasion/scratching where the compressor wheel meets the inlet. It still makes boost fine and doesn't seem to have any other symptoms at this time.

My question's are:

Is the entire turbo junk?

Has anyone used Garrett's exchange program? Maybe I can still use my compressor and turbine housing? BBService | Turbobygarrett

The good news is, if can do the exchange program, a friend of mine has 2 brand new, never ran potato's hanging off his built 300zx motor he hasn't touched in a few years. He said he'd give me one of his CHRA's and I can give the new one back to him when I get the exchange one from Garrett.

If exchange is not an option, just buy a new CHRA?

Or try rebuilding it myself or getting it rebuilt by a shop? (I see mixed opinions on rebuilding a BB turbo...)


Try and get lucky by finding a replacement turbo off one of you guys?

As always, I appreciate any input you guys have...


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If its a BB turbo I believe you'd be better off sending it to get rebuilt. The whole CHRA has to be replaced AND it is balanced with equipment the average person does not have access too. I would not even attempt to rebuild it myself you can damage it even worse if it is not balanced properly.
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I got ahold of ATP turbo and I can get a new CHRA for $473 thru their exchange program... I think I'm gonna go that route. I'm in the process of removing the turbo this evening.... which sucks to say the least. Got the lines off, all the DP hardware off, top 2 turbo nuts off, but can't get the bottom 2 turbo nuts off for the life of me... this stuff does not wanna come off easy.

This process is gonna take a little bit longer than expected because I'm going to have to order new hardware too. The stuff I'm taking off doesn't look like it should be reused...
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