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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Thanks for your comments? lol

I've covered myself this time around. The scoob was a $20k car... I'm dealing with a $1400 beat up miata. By covered myself, I mean:

First and foremost I have another stock block with 90k on it perfectly fine, along with access to tons of other stock parts for my car. But I actually own the block.

Secondly, I've never dealt with turbo applications, nor have I ever had the time or resources to really dive into learning turbo "stuffs." As you (and everyone else reading this) now know, I learned a lot in a very fast and applicable way. Everything I asked here on the forum, whether I got an answer or not, I learned. ALLLL those questions I've had for you and Justin, I've learned. Not to mention learning all that stuff during the install.

Third, I have added to my turbo "build" since I last updated this thread. Stein sent me the injectors and I installed them along with a wideband. The MSD ignition retard box is on its way to me in temporary place of MS and I will be putting my rx7 afm in tomorrow so I can more easily control my fuel mixture, especially in higher rpms (which is boost).

Last and certainly not least.. the turbo. Fixed all the boost leaks, fixed my exhaust problems further back, I have a newly rebuilt td04h clocked for my manifold sitting in my room right now ready to go in. I just gotta find the time to put it in, prob Saturday. The shaft play I'm hearing is worrying me, but again... this whole car has cost me less than $2500.

As for service on my 200k motor.. I may have been immature with the scoob. Partly because of lack of knowledge; partly because my dad disallowed me from working on my old car in any way (you know how that is... but imagine more strict!). Though I would say I am treating this car as a cheap toy.... well... it is. But I was not going to be THAT dumb to not do a **** ton of prep work (for the motor) before/during/after the build. Obvious things such as fluid changes, OE suspension/handling/transmission replacement bits were done, along with more in-depth diagnostics/chores.

I've had countless hours of help from numerous guys around here that I've gotten to know this summer and actually started to chill with other than for car ****. Made some connections too!

Can't wait for you, Justin, and Jeff to get back so we can work a bit, drive a bit, and chill. I think you all at LEAST will enjoy the benefits of meeting some of the people who have helped me... hell I'd say I've probably recieved 3-400 bucks worth of stuff (clamps, paint, hoses, injectors, piping/welding/exhaust work, etc etc) since I finished the build just because I've kind of joined this web of St. Auggie car geeks that is actually quite a large group but very subtle in the city.

PS: the miata will only be my daily for another 5 months or so
PPS: Don't bring painful, past memories up on the internet (the scoob). It kills my credibility as a forum member (which is moy importante) and as a learning mechanic here in St. Augustine. Everyone who is anyone in the car scene here in Augs knows what I did to the subaru, so I'd rather not have it brought up. That was my last car, I shouldn't have owned that expensive of a car to "learn" on. Thanks bud.

So for everyone else (though if you read that, you can skip this); here are the CN updates:

1) Exhaust and boost leaks fixed
2) Stein's injectors put in (1.8) along with a WB o2
3) Paint job platform complete/lights tinted
4) Wastegate spring changed to 8 lbs but then changed back lol. Boost = addicting.
5) Parts ordered and/or being installed in during next 5 days: rx7 afm, MSD ignition retard box
6) Work done daily: progressing the paint job, painting the rims, cleaning interior/stripping and redoing interior bits (stuff that doesn't cost $$).

I work on the car an avg of about 3-4 hours a day. Having insomnia is a beautiful thing sometimes.

I'll keep you all updated if you want, if not.. I'll spend the time on the car instead of 20 minute write-ups

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What did you do to the subaru?
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long story short, i was dumb and it go'ed boom.
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Hey if you haven't ordered that RX-7 afm:

1. I have two if you'd like one for $5+shipping

2. I think the theory that they're better has been proven wrong, I went back to my stock one. Even if I lost a minute amount of power, not having to stretch the intake over the slightly larger diameter is worth it.
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nope, didn't order it... just had it layin around. might play with it if I get bored before I get MS.

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the unthinkable
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