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Default NOOB Help - 99 NB won't start after turbo install

Any help would be appreciated!

I have worked on cars all my life, but this is my first turbo install, so get ready to laugh!!

Just got everything bolted together on a 99 NB AVO transplant with EMU.
Got the whole load second hand, and have pieced everything together.

Turbo is in, so is FMIC.

Larger injectors are in - the car has never run with them.
I broke the stock radiator, so a larger one is in as well.

I have not fired up the car in 4 months. Battery is good.

EGR is still wide open, as the AVO manifold does not have a receiver - I will block it later.

Cursory check shows all electrical plugs connected / all vacuum lines sealed.

Running through old MAF and temp probe, but have MAP hooked up as well, as that came with the sale.

The plan is
0) start the emanage software and get it talking to the pc - look at the maps the previous owner had loaded
1) get the car started
2) get a 3" full exhaust to bolt on to the v-band downpipe that came with the lot
3) get a wideband and install it and the o2 [which is currently plugged in doing nothing]
4) tune the hell out of it

I completed step 0 - though that was a pain.

I can get the car to crank, and make a few pops, like it wants to run.

Maybe the new injectors have me dead rich all the time????

What advice can you give me??
What's my next move?

Big thanks!
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If it is popping it kinda sounds like something is timed wrong. Does it pop out the intake or exhaust? First step is to make sure you have the connectors and plug wires in the right spot on your coil packs. Is the EMU set up for the larger injectors?
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Got it - loose injector ground. This makes sense, as I previously had all of the basics covered.

Got it running , and it sounds great - but as I have no exhaust, I cannot tune it and it is fumigating my garage to the point where I cannot see.

Next stop - 3" TIG welded stainless.

Thanks for the help.
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