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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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where did you get the right angle outlet piece for the turbo in this pic?

Name:  PA021055.jpg
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looks like the ATP flange with a aluminum elbow welded onto it.
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Originally Posted by speedf50 View Post
The manifold was built by a place called South Florida Performance, who I know next to nothing about, but it looks very nice. I'll find out soon enough if its crap or not.

And after doing some research it appears as if the turbo that I have is a T28 off of an S14 SR20. The only thing that is throwing me is that in some pictures of S14 turbos the 1-1 mark on the compressor housing is the same, and on others the mark reads 1-2 instead. The rest of the compressor and exhaust housing pictures I have seen look identical with all of the same marks and sizes, along with having the same sized compressor turbine(60mm), and what I think is the same sized exhaust turbine (like i said, the damn housing would NOT come off).

So if this is the case, then I should actually have a ball bearing turbo on my hands. Like I said the shaft play seems non-existent, but I did notice some oil in the compressor turbine when I took it off. Does this mean that the seals are shot inside of the turbo? Or could the oil have gotten there from other means (shipping, being left sitting for a long period of time, coming from a car that was flipped)?

If I can I'll use this turbo, as it is exactly the size that I want, and if the seals are ok, then all I'll need is a new compressor and to send it to be balanced. What do you guys think about the condition of this turbo? Does oil in the compressor mean dead for sure? Is it worth trying to save?
rebuild that bitch

or sell it to me!!

I've thrown gallons of oil through my compressor before. An order to gpopshot and an hour or so trying to make the wrong tools work netted me with a practically brand spanking new turbo ;p

As far as being "dead for sure", I'de say its not a great idea to throw oil around the charge pipes.
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Well I verified the part number and yes, it is a ball bearing turbo, GT2560R. So this means no rebuild kits for me. I've been calling around and found a place that may be able to help me replace the compressor wheel, but if it is totally shot, then it will make the most sense to just get another turbo and leave this for dead/sell for parts.

I have no idea where the elbow came from, I got everything in those pictures as a kit from a guy on craigslist. It does appear however to be what brain described, a flange with an elbow just welded on there.
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kost, you gotta put up some progress update pix and video. lol.
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FWIW, that looks like a Turbonetics logo on the elbow.

You should be able to buy a new CHRA for that turbo from a Garrett dealer.
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