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Originally Posted by wittyworks View Post
what i did (and i think others do) is pull the plug wires off the plugs, take off the oil feed line and put it into a bottle, crank until you see oil coming out of the feed line to make sure its working, then re-install the feed line, crank a little more, put plugs back on and start it up.
+1, thats what I'll gonna do!
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here's what I'm going to do:

1. start the car
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Probably this is the best way to go, but I'd prefer to check for oil leaks in a new installation, before the actual start-up.

So long.
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This is dumb.

if you havent disassembled your engine you will have oil pressure in ~0.3 seconds.

unless you dont put a check valve (backflow preventer) there is no advantage to priming it.
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i have never seen anyone prime a turbo in my 3 years working at a dyno/ fabrication shop. every single turbo iv ever installed on a car was pre oiled from the factory ( we got everything from precision, they fill the turbos with like gear oil and tape off the holes so it stays there, we would always le the cars rune for about 30 mins before doing a pull with a new turbo though cause if u try to boost it right away it laggs real bad due to the thick gear oil or w/e it is they put in there.

I just noticed you have a china turbo which means prolly no oil in there from the factory, i would just poor a good lil dab of like 20/50 or somehting in there on both the in and out port and you should be fine.
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