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Default Recommended compression ratio on a turboed 1.6

Title pretty much says it.

I've been doing some searching for a while and couldn't find much. some people said higher ratio with lower boost is better than lower ratio with higher boost, vica versa.

I have also read that the stock compression ratio works fine with a turbo.

also what piston/rod combos work well with this application?

I cant seem to find a variety of pistons with different compression ratios that still maintain the stock bore diameter.
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Firstly what is your target HP levels?

Higher ratio with E85 is no problems, about 11.5 is the sweet spot
Pump gas you will run into detonation problems, if you are going for 200HP, I'd leave it stock. Although IIRC the 1.6 runs a 9:5:1 CR..

I'm not sure about the Miata's in the US market but in Australia, the automatics came with a lower 9:1 CR and less overlap in the cams, like 10* or something instead of 20*

Lower CR lets you pull more timing = more torque without risking a knock

With rods, again how much HP do you want? stock rods can handle up to 250HPish. Wouldn't push it past there, pistons can handle up to 300HP on a good proper tune, might wanna look at getting them ceramic coated too

Read into dynamic and static compression also
Not sure how you are using the search functions and google but there's plenty info on miataturbo and has been extensively covered
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