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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Girleyman - you're experiencing your mid-life crisis! I'm 38 and have 3 girls all below 8yrs of age... my miata is my outlet! Even though it 'may' be expensive to track, it's still a hell of a lot cheaper than anything else in it's class. My current track miata did not come with a title but a cert. of destruction, so tracking it was the only option and that is what it's intendend purpose was.
As far as an addictive hobby - it depends on your nature. For me, it's very addictive. With your budget, you can easily grab a clean NA/NB cheap (I spend $900 on my '93 DD miata) and turbo it reliably. And same as you, I lack time to actually build it totally myself, so I had a shop build most of it for me (turbo-install wise). Said and done, with cost of car, I had appx 8k (parts and labor) into it excluding roll cage.
You can always add to it over time to lessen the burden and wife griping. It's the cost of track days that gets my wife pissed... but you can't go wrong with turboing a miata. My 2 cents... good luck!
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I personally wouldn't consider an MSM because most of the go-fast parts have to go in the trash if you really want to go close to fast. It is cheaper to buy a clean 99-05 and mod it than the premium you will pay for an MSM.

Since you are local, look for a guy on here that goes by Pdexta. He is in Ft. M and has a healthy NB with a DIY turbo setup. I'm sure he would love to show you what he has done and give you a ride in it. Do look him up.

My priority was cheap fun and something to tinker with. I will always want to fiddle with and upgrade anything I have so I started with a $3k Miata instead of a $40k Vette. Now if I add $4k worth of modifications to it I am only in it for $7k. If I was stuck with the Vette I would be at $44k with the same amount of additions. I'm frankly having more fun than I would in a Vette anyway. I've driven C5 z06's and C6 cars and they feel like such pigs to me. Even with an upgraded suspension the Z06's steering was heavy and numb in the corners and the car felt clunky.


If you get a car before March (or even if you don't) you should consider coming to Sebring with some of us.
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Originally Posted by Joe Perez View Post
#3 is a tough call. If you are buying a car with a known history from a reputable builder (eg: someone on this forum other than Pusha)
Not to get off-topic, but what happened with him?
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