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Default Status update

So, I have been gone (broke) for a while and haven't touched my car in months but warm weather is rolling in and I'm itching for some top down, boosting action.

Anyway, here's my situation/dilemma. Over the winter, I sold my 2860 and bought a "57 trim" t3/t4 kind of thing. Well, now I am thinking that I really don't want to mess with changing my manifold, downpipe, oil fittings, charge piping, blocking coolant lines, etc. So, I think I'm looking for a 2871 to replace my 2860.

Also, i blew up my 6-spd. I was driving and I lost ability to change gears and had to limp home in 4th. I pulled the trans apart and saw that a spring under the synchro collar thing had popped out half-way and was keeping the collar from sliding and keeping the trans from shifting. Easy enough fix. Well, there is also a gear missing a tooth. That's the shitty part. Not an easy fix.

So, what do you guys think? Should i try and pull the gearset apart and replace the gear? Too much of a pain in the ***? There's 2 6 spd's on fleabay with broken tail housings from rear end collisions. I thought about buying one and putting my tail housing on it. However, I'm afraid of possible internal damage from the collision.

I'm not sure what answers I'm hoping to get from this thread. I'm just looking to see what you guys have to say about the situation. I've been away from for too long.

Thanks in advance,
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Wes; fwiw, I would suggest you contact Phil (levnnubin) about that 6 speed with the bent shaft on ebay. His partner Mike told me it was theirs. You should get a better price that way.

Also, if you want to wait until the end of next week, I'll be able to tell you if that would be a good solution. I had bought a 6 speed with a missing third gear synchro and decided not to rebuild it. I ended up buying another one on ebay with the same bent shaft and broken housing. I'll be installing it this coming week. I can let you know how it works out.
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good luck man, Ill let ya know if I see any local deals on 2871s.
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Sounds good. I will wait to hear from you. In the mean time, i'm going to look at a 2003 miata locally. We'll see if i get it.
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