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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Default Turbo oildrain mount in oilsump


I want to install my DIY Turbokit. There is just one problem and I donīt know how to deal with it.
I want to install the oildrain to the oilsump without taking the engine off. So from this point of view the best way to do this is drilling the hole to the oildrain while the engine is installed.

I think the most of you know "Mighty Car Mods" from YT. They have take a stepper-driller to drill the hole, then put a thread insight and take the oil off.

Do you think this way is suitable. Iīm afraid of the shavings/fillings. And if this way is OK, wich kind of stepperdriller I need? Are steps of 2mm enough for the Miata-Sump?

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english.
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Page 13.

Though I suggest you do some more research before undertaking this install. If MCM is your only research so far, you're going to have a bad time.
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But turbo yoda does it!
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Haha yeah turbojodaaaa

Dont worry. This is not my only research. But while reading some infos I have also see the video of MCM.

Thank you for the link!
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Almost everyone has done it the Flyin' Miata way (Begi does the same thing I think) and I can't recall a SINGLE person on here that has had a problem with their motors as a result. Just follow the instructions posted above and you will be fine.
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If you drill the wrong place you will need to remove the engine. The oil pump pick up tube is just inside the oil pan.
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I used a step drill on a 90* drill head. Tight, but worked.

Some folks have had shavings get into the oil pressure relief valve and it stuck, also requiring engine removal. I'm not sure how you really get all the shavings out. After I flushed, there were still some that I fished out with my fingers. Anyway, final result was OK as I have about 4K miles after and no problems.

Drill, tap, flush well, JB weld in fitting.
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