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Originally Posted by karter74 View Post
I don't believe that dyno is correct. The TD04 is such a small turbo it should make MUCH more torque at a lower RPM.
Its not that small. The compressor actually flows as much as a greddy compressor at a higher efficiency in fact. Its the small hotside that limits power at the top end. You don't really need a big intercooler with this at all - just look at that 76% efficiency island!!

Diy 1993 Td04l 1.6-td04-15g-raw.gif

Diy 1993 Td04l 1.6-13t.jpg

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Woah!! its one year later and this thread is still rather alive, cool !!

Just to answer a few questions, i went to clarify the readings on the dyno sheet, and yeah, its reading is most likely in flywheel horsepower and torque according to the shop.

Alot has changed in the past year. During the period of this dyno, the car was still jerking before boost came in..... Anyone else had this problem?? A professional shop educated me reguarding the miata's throttle body being "flap opening", which means it will not open accordingly to the amount of throttle ure stepping on, rather, it would open 33%, then 66% and then 100% depending on the throttle position.

Since then, i have changed to a standalone ECU "Vi-pec", changed my throttle body to a different car's one, removed the extra injector and did a few changes to the physical set up of the car.

Never heard of Vipec before? Well, Ray Hall, who used to be the face person of autronic, is the mastermind behind this standalone, guess wat, the car runs beautifully. The idling is good and the air-con is cold, thank god!

The car has even been boosted up to 1.2bar, which is actually around 17 psi? with help from some electronic CDIS for runs at the strip, but of course, the car has not been abused MUCH on the road.

And to also to inform you guys, yes, the car is running the stock 1.6 mazda motor, so it actually shows how robust these little ones are when tuned properly.

However, the motor is quite old and recently the seals have started to bleed... lol... Might be looking to build a 1.8 forged motor.... or say goodbye to the baby when the time comes....

Time, Money, Effort, Sweat, Blood and tears and sacrifises have been given up during the modifying process... i have enjoyed building my miata... have you ??

Oh, before i forget, the car is based in Asian
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