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Default Dynojet dyno vs Data Log Lab

I recently got a dynotune on a dynojet and these numbers came out:

This next graph was made the same day after the dyno tune, after I adjusted some spark and partially fixed a surge or fuel cut issue (turned out to also have lots of knock events that were the result of too low of a threshold)

These two were produced after completely fixing the Knock Threshold issue I had prior (I doubled and in some cases almost tripled the value), adding some fuel in a few lean areas, tweaking timing and adjusting a few other things that I can't recall off the top of my head.

Now I don't know how good Data Log Lab is for it's graphs, but if it's even remotely close I call it good, I'll be going to a dynojet to get another 2-3 pulls in for a good graph once I have my boost spike issue resolved (initial peak boost results in it peaking at 17-18psi, then dropping down to 15.4). I'll probably drill and tap the cold side of the intercooler and run a 1/8" internal diameter hose to the MBC. I've also heard of using the Intake but I'm weary of what the vacuum would do to the MBC or WGA.

EDIT - I had the wrong car definition in, I put a 3.6 instead of 3.9 rear end. Dropped the numbers a bit, back into their proper place. I need to get the car weighed so I know what the real curb weight is..

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Why would vacuum mess up the MBC or wastegate?

BTW I wouldn't compare the DLL to the dyno chart. Comparing numbers is only useful if you are using the same measuring stick.
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or he could have made a pull right after you got off gthe dyno without any changes it would have given a little bit more of a measuring stick. But what you have is 1 plot from a dyno and 3 plots that are only relative to themselves.
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the datalog dyno graphs are merely a tuning tool in my opinion.

They dont tend to resemble the right shape or absolute numbers that any dyno produces. they ARE however a means of comparing back to back power runs to see if tuning changes have made improvements.
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