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Default emanage blue tutorial?

Hello all,

I've just completed my turbo install, but now I need to tune. I've been reading the EMB support tools manual, but it's not very useful. I'm hoping to get this thread to become an EMB (or EMU) tuning tutorial. I know that there are a number of emanage gurus here on this site. I'd like to get your input on how to use the tool. I know how to enter values an interpolate and all of that. What I'm looking for is what the maps should look like in relationship to other factors (like AFR for example), tips and tricks and any "gotchas" that we should be paying attention to.
I'm not sure how to organize the thread. Hopefully the information will be useful enough to make it sticky.

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I'll add a bit now, maybe more to come later.

The big thing is to control fuel and timing using the additional injection and ignition timing maps. Don't use the airflow adjustment map and it alters the MAF/AFM voltage the ECU sees, causing it to alter timing as well.

With the additional injection map, the numbers you put in are percentages of the current duty cycle. So, if your duty cycle is at 55% at 5500 RPMs and 150kPa and you need a bit more fuel, enter a 10 into the appropriate cell. It works like this:

Duty Cycle + Percentage * Duty Cycle = Total Duty Cycle


55% + 10% * (55%) = 60.5%

You should be aiming for a 11.5 AFR with Total Duty Cycles not exceeding 80-85% anywhere in the RPM band as that is considered the same limit.

Make sure you have a MAP sensor and your wideband wired into the EMB. Otherwise it's not really worth tuning with. What I did was use the TPS input as the input for my GM 3 Bar MAP sensor and made a chart in Excel converting throttle position % to PSI/kPa. My wideband is wired into the boost sensor port as the 1.49 firmware will account for this. I forget which of the three pins it is, I think the left most, but that is easy to figure out.
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