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Default EMU Autotune activation

Is there anyone who will post a idiots guide to activate te autotune function imbedded in the EMU software. I followed the parameter instructions Joe Perres posted, but that didn't the trick.
There are several things you have to do to enable this.

First, go to Parameters, switch to the Throttle tab and set up your throttle position sensor. Ensure that it is working properly.

Next, still in Parameters, go to the A/F Target tab. Set the Affected Map to I/J 1, set Throttle Position to, say, 25% or so, and accept the defaults.

Next, still in Parameters, go to Map Select, and check the A/F Target box.

Next, still in Parameters, go to Front Panel, and ensure that your A/F Meter and Pressure sensor is properly configured. Also, examine the DIP SWITCH settings to see if I/J 1 is presently set on any of them. If it is, make sure that dip switch is on.

Close Parameters.

On the left side of the screen you now have an A/F Target map. I suggest that you scale this map the same as I/J 1. From the drop-down window, select Pressure Sensor.

The way this works is that anytime the conditions you set in the A/F Target tab of parameters are met (temperature, throttle position, time since start) the EMU will look at whatever AFR value you have put into a given cell, compare it to actual AFR, and adjust I/J 1 to try and achieve this value.

You DO NOT want A/F Target to be running while the ECU is in closed-loop mode. So for all pressure values below atmospheric, enter "-" (that's a hyphen or minus symbol, ASCII character 0x2D). On US keyboards, it's the non-shifted character between 0 and =. On a Dutch keyboard, I think it is the character all the way at the lower-right (next to the right-shift key) where = is the shifter character on the same key. DO NOT enter 14.7, zero, etc.

In the boosted cells, enter your target value. In my table, I start at 13.5 at atmo, and scale down to 11.5 at full boost.
I have the EMU a Greddy pressure sensor and a LC-1 wideband, so that should be enough. I altered my Boomslang to monitor watertemp and it does (see it whille datalogging). So what am I doing wrong?

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Default Getting the Throttle parameters correct


I've got the e-manage ultimate going on my 1991 mx5 1600 Greddy turbo intercooled. Thanks to multiple posts on this forum, it was a hell of a lot easier than just with the Greddy manual.

There is this funny thing I can't get right and it starts to take the **** out of me, excuse my french.

The NA 1600 has an on-off tps, so I'm not using it.

I'm using the load signal of the Greddy pressure sensor to do the job.

The signal at idle is around 0.6 volt, so I entered that as MIN in the throttle parameter setting. As a MAX I entered 5 volt, being the sensor's max output.
Later I changed MAX to 2.5 volts, being the output of the sensor at maximum boost. None of these settings seem to be right. In the datalog feature Throttle position reads 97-98% with or without the throttle being pushed. The throttle opening rate reads 0.1%.

Where did I go wrong?

Thanks for any helpful insights!


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I had done same before I build a variable TPS for my system.
Be sure to splice the Map sensor signal and connect it to your EMUs TPS
What I suspect in your current setup is the TPS sensor is still connected
to the EMUs TPS input.

Anyway, do yourself a favour and build a variable TPS.
I like it much better for logging too.

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Cheers, I'll try that!
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Yep, I connected the wrong wire, I had a constant 5 volt signal in the TPS, changed it and now it's variable and works like a treat! Hooray. Obviously the acceleration maps are doing their job now as well, so all is much smoother. What a relief.
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