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Default update!

OK, I haven't posted in awhile so I figured I'd inform ya'll of my progress. Well I finally managed to do something right in the software. I have the MAP sensor signal wire tapped to the throttle signal input to the emanage. I've got the signal scaled so that at the most vacuum I pull, it's zero throttle and the most boost is 100%. My stock o2 sensor is completely unplugged and my check engine light has only came on once. I can make autotune work also. I have used it to get a basic fuel map and I've had to tweak it a bit manually but I'm still having a few problems.

With the autotune active, the car has trouble leveling out the idle when I let off the throttle and it jumps up and down so far it kills the car. Idle by the way shows up as like 18% throttle. Also, there is a range that is affected under several scenarios. With autotune active, it adjusts depending on what I'm doing, but with it inactive, it's sacrafice for one situation or another. For these reasons, I got a basic map with autotune, but It sucks cause It's not as stable as I had hoped.

I've adjusted the idle range and I've gotten the idle to stablize for the most part. Before when I would idle along in first gear, the car would lean out and jolt back and forth really bad. Also the idle would jump up and down. Now these are down to a tolerable level, but it has to run richer than I would like. Idle is like 14.3 and first at 1200 or so is like 12.0. The idle droop is less than it was before I got control of my fuel map, but still bad enough to kill the car if I don't feather the throttle. this sucks when I'm trying to brake hard cause braking hard with half a foot just doesn't feel as good and I can't be as precise.

There is another range. It comes into effect under slow acceleration, ie: just under boost like when in traffic. And when cruising slightly uphill at 50-60mph in 5th. It's around the 1500-2500 range. I spent some time adjusting it because it was leaning out under the light acceleration, but by giving it enough fuel not to lean out, it runs really rich when I need to accelerate lightly around the 55-60 range. rich as in 10.0... the richest my guage will read.

I haven't given up hope yet though. I've ordered the dp which won't help with any of this, but I need it nonetheless. Then I'm gonna get all T-bolt clamps and replace my BOV to prevent any leakage. Then I'm gonna get an o2 clamp. And I've still got several long tuning sessions planned...(driving around town having someone watch what box is yellow so I know where to make the changes) After all this, if I still have problems I'm gonna be doing some serious question asking on here. But the main thing I think I'm gonna have trouble with is stabalizing the a/f reading. It is fairly stable for the most part, it's just those few spots where it's either way to rich in one scenario or way to lean in another. I'm hoping to learn about the accel map and maybe that will help.. A fun process nonetheless. Makes my friends think I know WAY more than I really do!
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