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Default 1.6l ignition source w/ sidedrafts

I know it's not a turbo application, but there are some electrical/ignition gurus here so I thought it was worth posting here:

Is it possible to run an ignition divorced from the ECU? I know that MS is popular with the ITB users but it seems pointless with carbs. I'm wondering if it might be possible to use one of the CAS signals as part of a triggered ignition using different coils.

Norm Garrett's book says that the 1.6 ECU can be fooled by using a MAP sensor w/ carbs, but there are no detailed descriptions regarding where to place the MAP sensor, wiring it, etc. Also a way to rig some sort of a potentiamoter to the throttle linkage to mimic the TPS.

I am looking for any suggestions regarding ignition control. Clean, simple and functional are a plus. Practical experience > theory or speculation. Photos of someone's system would be invaluable.

Please, no replies bashing the choice of carbs.
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(duplicate response to duplicate post.)

If you cut a large hole through the firewall, you can install a distributor in the location where the CAS normally goes. This is the only way you're going to divorce yourself from computer control entirely.

Simulating AFM from MAP isn't hard, but to do it without major electronic fabrication requires the use of an EMU, which is not cheap. See here for an extremely detailed description of the system that I did several years ago: AFM Removal from the 1.6 liter Miata using eManage Ultimate

A better, cheaper and easier to tune solution would be to use a MegaSquirt 1 ECU, connected to the CAS in the usual manner, driving the stock ignition coils in the usual manner. Tap your intake runners, feed through a restriction to a small plenum chamber (such as a length of PVC pipe with the ends capped off) and send this signal to the ECU's MAP sensor.

Originally Posted by maj75 View Post
Please, no replies bashing the choice of carbs.
Why on Earth are you running carbeurettors? They're horrid to tune, horrid to drive, and horrid at the pump.
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